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EURO 2021: Group F

EURO 2021 Championship Has Its Group of Death: Group F

Previously the European Championship used to have 16 teams rather than the 24 we are used to seeing now. This means that currently the probabilities for a “group of death” are much lower than before. However, in EURO 2021 the tables have turned and group F has given us a football exhibition to look out for.

EURO 2021 Group F will consist of the following teams: Germany, Francy, Portugal, and Hungary. When we take into account that 3 of the teams have won the last three major football championships, it is clear why this group can be considered quite the competitive one. It will be a focal point in sports betting and understanding the odds for the rest of the EURO 2021 tournament. 

First of all, France under Didier Deschamp will most likely return with the same scheme they used to win the 2018 World Cup. Their 4-2-3-1 formation proved unstoppable in the previous tournament and Deschamp is bringing it back with confidence. Led by Kylian Mbappe, Matiudi and Griezman the attacking force of France is undeniably fierce and will prove to be deadly for the rest of the group. Upfront on the attack is Karim Benzema, who replaced Olivier Giroud. This gives the French squad deeper attacking flexibility and an efficient Plan B for Giroud to come into play if France needs additional firepower. In the backlines, Pogba and Kante have remained unchanged since the world cup, which comes as no surprise since their efforts on both ends have been undisputed. The Defensive duo of Raphael Varane and Presnel Kimpembe is arguably one of the strongest defenses in the whole tournament. By the looks of it, France looks stacked for EURO 2021, however, their challenges will begin as soon as they face the Germans. 

The German squad is looking to redeem itself after a lackluster performance at the previous tournament. Additionally, this is Joachim Low’s final international tournament as a head coach so the Germans will look to put a fight and earn back respect. The squad has been subject to a lot of experimentation the past few years. However, with Thomas Muller returning Low will probably result to use a more natural lineup such as 4-3-3. The problem is Germany’s right-back position. This means that Joshua Kimmich will mostly take it, even though he is more prominent in the midfield. The midfield is dominated by the dynamic trio of veteran Toni Kroos, Ilkay Gundogan, and Leon Goretzka. The worrying trend is that the team has resulted in playing much more passively rather than approaching an aggressive playstyle as they used to in prior tournaments. Whether this will be the case in EURO 2021 is a matter of time. 

Portugal, on the other hand, is the defending champions and has sustained pressure from the last tournament to perform well again. Fernando Santos has been famous for using a formation with outright wingers and no dedicated goalscorer. However, Andre Silva will mostly take the position of the proper number 9. He scored 28 goals in his last Bundesliga season and has solidified himself as an offensive force. Ronaldo on the other hand still remains one of the driving forces both directly and indirectly on the field. His presence is enough for his team’s morale to keep going forward at EURO 2021. It is unknown, whether this will be his last Euro, but if it is Ronaldo will surely make a push to give his best and not disappoint. 

Lastly, EURO 2021 Group F’s final contender is Hungary who is stuck among the best teams. That does not mean that they are totally out of the picture. They will have a tough battle against Europe’s giants but can surely upset anyone on the field. 

Bookmakers and sports better should look out for Group F since it is loaded with potential and will definitely change the outcome for the rest of the EURO 2021 tournament. A lot of casinos provide the best online offers for Group F since it is so competitive. In our selection, you will find the best rates for June and the best sports betting live casinos. Keep an eye out since the EURO 2021 is approaching and how Group F unfolds will be a key feature for the rest of the tournament and the other odds.

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