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Euro 2021: Italy

EURO 2021: Chiellini’s Injury Leaves Italy in Concern

The Captain of Italy, Giorgio Chiellini, could not celebrate the win that secured Italy’s spot in the last 16 of EURO 2021. Italy won by 3-0, in a deciding victory that showcased the offensive force of the Azzuri during this years' EURO 2021 Championship. The 36-year old captain had his goal ruled out for handball in the 20th minute by the new Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR). Four minutes later, in the 24th minute, Giorgio Chiellini left Stadio Olimpico hobbling off the field. The VAR system is proving to be invaluable since it has helped referees make key decision on the field and improve the efficiency of the game.

After Chiellini left the EURO 2021 pitch, Lazio defender Francesco Acerbi was substituted in his place. The captain’s armband was handed to his teammate at Juventus Leonardo Bonucci. A few minutes after Chiellini’s exit, Manuel Locatelli secured the opening goal for Italy. The two other goals came in the second half again scored by Locatelli and Lorenzo Insigne. Italy looked stable offensively. even though Lorenzo Insigne struggled with finding a good finishing touch. Locatelli showed incredible performance that was acknowledged by the team captain Chiellini who said in a statement: “Nothing can tarnish such a great joy. We are in the second round! Go on like this!”

As the Azzuri has secured their spot in the last 16 at EURO 2021, they move on to face Wales in the last match of the group stages. Wales, led by Gareth Bale, is a tough team aiming to upset the big teams and make a deep run in the tournament. However, there are still concerns about Chiellini’s condition and if he will be able to play in the next EURO 2021 match. The Italian medical staff had determined that the Juventus defender had pulled a flexor muscle and will be undergoing several exams.  Chiellini is Italy’s most experienced player with a total of 14 appearances at the European Championship. He is a crucial player in Mancini’s squad. The Italian coach will have to make an important decision if he wants to play Chiellini against Wales or rest him out for the deeper stages of the EURO 2021 tournament.  This could greatly change Italý’s odds for the tournament, Without their captain and key EURO 2021 tournament player, the Italian squad and its odds for the title go down. Despite that you can check our guide and tips we have on our page. We also offer the best sports betting sections and rates that will give you the highest winning possibilities. Stay tuned as we cover the EURO 2021 tournament and its outcomes. 

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