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EURO 2021: Portugal v France

EURO 2021 Presents Portugal vs Germany: How is group F shaping?

Germany bounced back in the European Championship after losing their EURO 2021 opening game against France. They revived their championship chances in a thrilling game against Portugal that finished 4-2 for the German side. Germany was in desperate need of at least a point to retain their chances at the EURO 2021 title. The match, however, did not start in their favor as the Portugals mounted an impressive counter-attack that finished with Cristiano Ronaldo’s touch securing him his third goal since the start of the EURO 2021 tournament. Despite Ronaldo’s opening goal in the first half, Portugal did not seem capable of managing possession for a long period. 

As Germany’s teamplay stretched across the sides, a cross inside the penalty area caught Ruben Dias’ outstretched leg and the ball ended up in the back of his net. The Portuguese would end up conceding a similar own goal in the upcoming minutes. In the second half, Die Mannschaft solidified its victory after impressive goals by Kai Havertz and Robin Gosens, who tore down the Portuguese defence all game along. With Gosens on one side and Joshua Kimmich on the other, Portugal seemed lost as they could not handle the inside crosses that came from either wing. 

Even though Portugal had plenty of opportunities they lacked efficiency in the open play area. The Germans were much more dominant in the middle of the field, having learned from their mistakes against France. They retained 56% ball possession over Portugal’s 44%. That might not look like much, but in the midfield, Germany was purely unstoppable. To go along with that they were playing hard and hustling all over the EURO 2021 field. The 15 fouls they mustered up throughout the game showed that Low’s squad is no short of aggression and is willing to go hard at its opponent. Beyond the defending skillset of Portugal and precise counterattacks, what can the Portugal team come up with for its next EURO 2021 game against France? Didier Deschamp’s team is a bigger challenge in the midfield compared to Germany. Kante and Pogba are brick walls in the centre of the field, capable of changing the dynamic offensively and always showing defensive effort. 

As group F shapes up, Portugal will desperately look for points to keep its EURO 2021 tournament chances alive. Even though, Portugal is missing one of its key playmakers – Joao Felix. The absence of the youngster will prove difficult for Portugal to break down Deschamp’s defence. France is coming off a disappointing draw against Hungary and is far from riding the momentum of success. Despite that, the French are coming unbeaten in their last 9 games. A draw will probably see both sides qualifying, but on paper, France looks like the better team. Historically they have beaten Portugal in 19 of the 27 games they have played. Most bookmakers have France as the favorite in this match-up, whilst Ronaldo is most likely to be the top scorer of the game. No surprise here, as the superstar has scored 3 goals in his last 2 matches. 

On the other side, Germany has a much easier task as their EURO 2021 final match is against Hungary. A win for the Germans would mean that they advance in the EURO 2021 tournament. Statistically, this is a must-win game for Germany and an easy win too, but the Hungarians have proven a tough opponent against France, thus making group F even more thrilling. All in all, as the group stages come to an end, France vs Portugal will play on Wednesday at 10 pm, Eastern European Time, parallel to the Germany vs Hungary game. Our prediction at CasinoDaddy is that both France and Germany will win their EURO 2021 games. However, keep an eye out for the Portuguese offence and Ronaldo as they can change up the offensive dynamic at any point in the game. Also, make sure to check out our top bookmakers for the upcoming month of July as the EURO advanced into its knockout phases. 

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