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EURO 2021

EURO 2021 Tournament Best Young Stars to Look Out For

The top contenders of the Euro 2021 Groups are filled with skilled players and young talent. However, some players stand out from the squads. In this post, we will examine underrated players from each of the teams that you need to keep an eye out for this summer's EURO 2021. This will help you when you approach our casino sports betting section for June, so you can prepare the best betting strategy before moving forward. 


  • Belgium EURO 2021- Jeremy Doku

At only 19 years of age, Jeremy Doku has renowned himself as one of the youth talents in the Belgium squad. He is a skillful winger with plenty of paces to keep defenders on their heels at any point of the game. Doku has also been eyed by Jurgen Klopp as a possible future striker for the Liverpool squad. Keep an eye out for the young winger during counterattacks as he is incredibly fast and can score goals effortlessly. 


  • Croatia EURO 2021- Ante Rebic

Croatia has established itself as a fighter squad – one that does not give up in the face of adversity. Their true spirit is perfectly represented by the talented striker Ante Rebic. Rebic is playing for Milan but missed the majority of the season due to injuries. Despite that, he managed to score 11 goals and set up 9 assists. Additionally, he was a big part of Croatia’s run in the 2018 World Cup run. Therefore he has the experience and knows how to deal with pressure in crucial situations. Rebic is a wildcard of a player and can easily earn himself a scoring title in the upcoming Euro. 


  • England EURO 2021- Phil Foden

The 21-year-old midfielder is one of England’s most underrated players. His role at Manchester United is growing in terms of responsibility. On the pitch, young Foden is a magician with the ball. He is a great passer and can set his teammates up for great open shots. Even though he is young, Foden plays with vicious tenacity and does not give in to pressure. Foden will surely get more minutes in the upcoming Euro and will be a key part of Southgate’s strategy. 


  • France EURO 2021- Marcus Thuram

Marcus Thuram is the son of a legend and former World Cup winner Lillian Thuram. The fact that he is in the French squad is already an impressive accomplishment since the French team is filled with skilful players. The 23-year-old Winger has solidified himself as a potential star. He produced 25 goals and 21 assists for the past two seasons for Borrusia Monchengladbach in the Bundesliga. Marcus is a flexible player and can play both at the winger and striker position. He might just be what France needs in the closing minutes of the game to finish the game off. 


  • Germany EURO 2021- Jamal Musiala

Jamal Musiala is one of the youngest players in the tournament. At only 18 years old the player already has an impressive portfolio. He has made the German team for the Euro and plays for Bayern Munich. Additionally, he was named Player of the Month in April. The youngster also played for Chelsea before coming to represent his country in Germany. Musiala is young and hungry, this makes him an offensive threat since he will look to make a name for himself. 


  • Italy EURO 2021- Frederico Chiesa

Roberto Manchini’s squad is full of young talent and veteran players. However, the 23-year-old winger. Chiesa plays for Juventus and had an impressive season. He is a key part of Italy’s strategy to advance forward and end the championship drought from the past tournaments. With a young squad and Chiesa leading the offence, Italy can look to upset the other favorites in elimination games.


  • Netherlands EURO 2021- Ryan Gravenberch

At 19 years, Ryan Gravenberch has made a name for himself after being named Eredivisie’s “Talent of the Year” for last season. He is a product of the academy at Ajax. The midfielder has solidified himself as a tireless player that plays with flexibility and coordination. With Netherland’s captain, Van Djik, out for the tournament, Gravenberch can look to make a bigger name for himself within the Dutch squad. However, the question is if the youngster can resist the building pressure of playing at the Euro tournament. 


  • Portugal EURO 2021- Joal Felix

After winning the 2016 title, Portugal added a lot of exciting players to the squad. One of the most promising additions to the team is the youngster Felix. The attacking midfielder is only 21 years old but can play at the striker position and at the wing as well. Felix’s flexibility and versatility are all the help that Ronaldo might need to secure back-to-back titles in the Euro. The young star will be a key facilitator in Portugal’s offensive scheme.


  • Spain EURO 2021- Pedri

Pedri is possibly the future of the Spanish midfield position. The playmaker is already highly held by the Barcelona coach and is praised by his teammates often. Playing alongside Lionel Messi has given him a lot of opportunities to learn and gain experience, whilst being on the field with one of the best players to grasp the game of football. Pedri might be the last piece to Spain’s midfield strategy and the upcoming Euro will be a crucial point in his career since he will have all the chances to prove himself.


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