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Pay N Play

Experience First-Hand the Magic of Pay N Play by Trustly

It is undoubtedly the case that many online casino operators spend significant resources to attract players to their website. However, the whole log-in process is rather time-consuming as players need to submit scans of their passports so as to fulfil KYC requirements. On the bright side, Trustly has revolutionized the market. In 2015, Trustly pioneered the cutting edge Pay N Play concept that creates a frictionless experience for games while also enabling a simplified registration process. In other words, for merchants that prioritize optimal user experience, this innovative model is the perfect payment solution


Pay N Play At Its Finest

Pay N Play is an innovative product which allows casino players to play their favorite games instantly with just one quick deposit from their online bank. No lengthy registration, no withdrawal wait times, just satisfying gambling experience- this is what the payment solution ensures. For those who are not familiar with the concept of Pay N Play, let us give you some additional information. Pay N Play combines the registration and initial deposit steps by ensuring a better ROI on your acquisition and reactivation speed. What is more, once you have finished playing and close the browser, you will not need a username or password to log back in; you can use your online banking credential. This feature is definitely convenient for players who have no prior experience in the iGaming Industry. Having gained significant popularity, recently, it comes as no surprise that punters do find the product more than attractive. Trustly's instant withdrawals are appreciated in the players' society and accordingly, operators which offer Pay N Play have a tremendously higher new player retention rate than its competitors. Put it simply, all you need to do in order to withdraw is to click the button in the merchant's cashier. Following this, an automatic pay-out will be sent to the bank account of the original deposit. This will further-mitigate any risk for fraud as the funds will not enter a third-party bank account. 


What Can We Expect 

Having established that Pay N Play is one of the most promising products in the iGaming Industry, it is now reasonable to consider what we can expect in the near future. It will soon be available for new markets to offer an enhanced experience. One of the most distinctive features which we look forward to experiencing is the in-banner feature. This will allow casino players to deposit, log in and place a bet, all at once, from within a site banner, which will make online gambling easier. A further aspect to keep in mind is the collaboration of Pay n Play and Trustly Direct Debit. This will allow players to create one-click payments. Most importantly, after the first deposit, the player digitally signs a mandate, allowing Trustly to process future deposits. In other words, players will simply need to select the amount and click on the deposit button. Judging by Pay N Play's unique offerings we even expect the functionality to be used in other verticals such as Financial Services, Travel and e-Commerce. 


Why Use The Payment Solution On Offer

Pay N Play will provide you with gambling experience you have not experienced before. Join the operators already offering it today and start winning big. Trustly Pay N Play is a fast and secure online payment solution that makes instant real money transactions possible! Users can literally register and enjoy the array of games at their favorite online casino operators just in a blink of an eye by connecting to their online banking! Online casinos which offer this payment solution include Tsars Casino, ZetCasino, and Wildz Casino. However, bear in mind that list is not conclusive, meaning you can gain access to Pay N Play at a wide range of different operators. Last but certainly not least, we encourage you to play responsibly and we wish you a stroke of good luck and amazing winnings. 

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