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EURO 2021: Italy

The EURO 2021 Team That Has Everything: The Azzuri

The Italians qualified into the round of 16 at the EURO 2021 Championship after an impressive display at the group stages. Initially, they won both games 3-0 against Turkey and Switzerland in a great offensive effort. In their last EURO 2021 game of the group stages, Roberto Mancini’s squad, won 1-0 against Wales, who were a man down in the second half. Apart from their great offence, the Azzuri also had 3 clean sheets throughout the opening stages. They did not concede a single goal. 

The last defeat of the Italian squad dates back to September 2018 against Portugal, but ever since then, Italy has been on fire. Their 27 games unbeaten run, coming into the EURO 2021 tournament, has mustered up some serious momentum and has put them as a favorite for the EURO 2021 title. Italy has not won a major trophy since 2006 when they went to the World Cup Finals in Germany. However, their impressive run in the EURO 2021 group stages has made critics and analysts reevaluate Italy’s chance of winning the tournament. Roberto Mancini’s squad features several talented youngsters such as Marco Locatelli and Feredico Chiesa. Whilst, the pillars of the team remain veteran players such as Georgio Chiellini, Francesco Acerbi, and Leonardo Bonucci. Marco Veratti is also back from an injury that laid him off for a long time.

Mancini made sure to rest some of his key players as he substituted Bonucci and Jorginho in the second half to give them a needed rest. Even if we dismiss Italy’s talented squad it is clear that the Azzuri are playing in harmony. They manage to score a total of 7 goals in the last 3 matches, making it one of their best group stages runs in history. With no chemistry issues at hand a squad full of depth and talent, Italy is one of the top favorites to win the EURO 2021 tournament. On the offence, Italy has Lorenzo Insigne and Ciro Immobile, two strikers capable of upsetting any great team. With Italy in the knockout phases, they will fave the winner from the Austria and Ukraine match. Although both teams are tough opponents, they are hardly a difficult match-up for the Azzuri. Under the momentum that Roberto Mancini’s team has gained, it will be thrilling to see which team can stop the Italian squad. 

We at CasinoDaddy continue to keep track of the EURO 2021 tournament and bring you the latest news. As the group stages come to an end, we look forward to the more intense part of the tournament – the knockouts. Usually, a lot of upsets happen in the latter part of the EURO 2021 competition, but after analyzing Italy’s game we believe that consider their chemistry and momentum, they will be a very difficult team to stop. We suggest you keep an eye out for Italy as they look to make history with their young and talented team.

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