Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show

Intro to the Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show

If you want to play your favorite wheel of fortune-type games with a live dealer than Crazy Time Live is the right casino game choice for you. Crazy Time Live is produced by one of the best providers in the business – Evolution Gaming – and offers astonishing designs, authentic casino elements, professional live dealers, and rewarding, fun features. The gameplay is exciting, fun, colorful, and entertaining and most of all extremely realistic. If you wish to find out more about what makes this game one of the most popular live dealer session choices amongst gamblers, read down below!


Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show Online

Crazy Time Live is a wheel-based game, similar to DreamCatcher. It follows to popular wins of fortune wheel theme, where you spin the wheel to eventually be the lucky winner that lands those huge cashouts. What is exciting and unique about this game is that it has a live dealer that interacts with the game and the players throughout the playthrough to make it more realistic and sociable. In this game, the wheel has 54 segments.


Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show Return to Player – RTP – 95.50%

How does Crazy Time compare with other live casino games? Click on the different RTP percentages below for listings of live casino games reviewed by us:

Crazy Time Live has an average RTP of 95.50%, with bets ranging from $0.10 to $5000 depending on the table, and a maximum available win of 25,000 x stake. Read down below for more information about the games paytable, gameplay, bonuses, and features!


Gallery and Shots of Main Slot Features


What are Multiline Slots?

The multiline betting strategy applies only to slots. However, this – being a live dealer wheel-based game we can talk about the segments of the wheel. You will notice the wheel is split into different segments labeled 1, 2, 5, and 10, and the ones named after the bonus features. The aim here is to get the wheel to stop on the bonus features. With the RTP being an average 95.50%, you have a fair chance of landing those winnings.


Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show Review

Crazy Time Live takes place into a live stream studio with bright lights and beautiful designs. You can see the big fortune wheel in the middle of the screen with different, beautiful blue, green, pink, and purple colors. Next to it is the professional live dealer, dressed in bright, elegant costume that interacts with the game and spins the wheel. Each part of the studio holds a different setting to a bonus mini-games. Before we continue with this review, we at advise you to Gamble Responsibly!


Crazy Time Paytable

The money wheel of Crazy Time has 54 segments, which contain either a number or a bonus rounds symbol. The number symbols are 1, 2, 5, and 10, each contributing to a multiplier of your total stake value. The higher the number, the less it appears on the wheel segments. To see them more clearly, each multiplier has its own color, for 1x its blue, 2x yellow, 5x pink, and 10x purple.


Crazy Time Symbols Explained

Other than the standard multipliers, the game includes 4 bonus rounds, which can be triggered by landing the pointer of the wheel on one of their respectful segments. There is 1 Crazy Time segment in red color with a key icon on top of it, 2 Pachinko segments in purple color, 2 Cash Hunt segments in green color, and 4 Coin Flip segments in blue. Each of those rounds can pay the maximum win of up to $500,000.


How To Play Crazy Time Live

On the bottom of your screen, you can see the wagering menu with the betting options. Firstly, you need to decide what bets to place, if you aren't sure you can use some of the betting strategies we have suggested down below or use Free Spins promotions from our dedicated Free Spins Bonus page! There are 8 different bets to choose from, respectfully the number of multipliers or the bonus rounds.

First, you choose the amount you want to play with from $0.10 to $5000, and after that you select where to place your bet. You have to try to guess where the pointer of the wheel lands. You can choose to place your bet on one or more segments. The dealer then spins the wheel and you are awarded the multiplier or the bonus round the pointer lands on.


Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show One-Line Betting Strategy

There are a couple of strategies you can go over when playing Crazy Time Live. Firstly, there is the Martingale strategy where you can place a bet on all 4 bonus segments to land you those rewarding bonus rounds. There is also the lower volatility betting strategy where you place lower bets on 2, 5, Coin Flip, Cash hunt / or Pachinko, and Crazy Time. That way you get to cover 28 segments out of the possible 54, granting you higher chances of scoring a win. While playing, you can also keep in mind that statistically, you can expect a bonus session to be triggered every 10th-12th spin.


Our 100 Spins Challenge on Crazy Time

Check out our latest 100 Spins Challenge, where we play Crazy Time Live to show you the games' playthrough and features! You can see what your experience of the game might be, what kind of betting strategies you can use, and how often to expect a payout or a bonus round to be triggered. Watch it here:


Does Crazy Time Work on Mobile?

Evolution Gaming has developed Crazy Time Live with the latest HTML5 technology to make it compatible with all devices. You can play the game with your mobile phone and tablet on all Android, iOS, and Windows systems on the go without any issues. The game has HD quality, fast loading times, and great safety measures.


Try the Free Play Mode

Live dealer games, including Crazy Time Live, do not have a demo version. They are streamed live from professional studios in real-time and because of that, you won't be able to play a free mode. However, you can always check our 100 Spins live stream, where we play the game to get an idea of what you can expect as a gamble experience on Crazy Time Live! We also try different betting strategies and go after some of those bonus features.


How To Win at Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show

To win a cash award on Crazy Time Live you have to try to foresee on which segment the pointer of the wheel will land on. You are awarded respectfully the multiplier or the bonus round it hits. Bonus rounds have a simple playthrough as well. As with every wheel-type game, the outcomes are totally based on luck and the only thing you can control is the bets you place.


Bonus Features and Free Spins

If a slot game would reward you with free spins and exciting bonus features, Crazy Time Live has up to 4 different bonus rounds that you can claim as soon as the wheel stops spinning – let's take a look at what those are:

Cash Hunt – you are taken to a digital shooting gallery with a giant screen that holds 180 multiplier values, with the maximum multiply of 500x your bet. The live dealer pulls the golden lever and all the multiplier prizes are hidden under different symbols that are being shuffled. You have to pick one of the symbols by dragging around a scope with your mouse. Then a cannon is fired and shoots the symbol of your choice. The symbols are then flipped to reveal the multipliers they hold and you are awarded the multiplier you have picked.

Coin Flip – You can see a coin with two sides, blue and red, on a Flip-o-Matic machine. For each side of the coin, a multiplier of up to 100x is randomly generated. You have to guess which side of the coin the machine will stop on. Then the dealer flips the coin into the Flip-o-Matic machine and if you have guessed correctly, you win the multiplier shown on the screen. In this game, your chances of landing the higher potential multiplier are 50/50.

Pachinko – the bonus round takes you over to a large Pachinko wall with multiple physical pegs and 16 drop and land zones. Different multipliers of up to 100x and a double are randomly generated into the land zones at the bottom of the wall. While at the top you can see an indicated light that randomly stops on one of the drop zones. The live dealer then goes up the stairs to reach the top and drops a puck onto that drop zone. The puck then makes its way and drops into one of the lands zoned, you are rewarded a multiplier, and the game ends. But if the puck drops into a double, all the multipliers are doubled and the round repeats.

Crazy Time – In this bonus round the dealer enters a red door to a virtual world with a gigantic wheel that has 3 pointers, green, blue, and yellow. You have to pick one of the pointers, and then the wheel is spun by the dealer. Whichever multiplier the pointer you have selected lands on is your prize. There are up to 200x multipliers on the wheel, double, and triple prize. If you land double or triple, all multipliers on the wheel are doubled or tripled and the wheel is respin again.


Crazy Time slot Volatility

Crazy Time Live has high volatility. This means you can expect a few dry spins before a big paying sequence is triggered. The risk at this game is higher, so it's good to have a well-prepared strategy and not to place big bets in a fast manner, because your ultimate goal here is to make the most out of your gaming balance.


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Our Conclusion on this Slot Review

We can say that Crazy Time Live has a breath-taking design and astonishing studio elements, that keep you engaged at all times. The playthrough is fun, colorful, and exciting, as the game is jam-packed with rewarding features, multipliers, and thrilling bonus rounds. Evolution Gaming has created a classic wheel-type game into a unique live dealer session with huge cashouts. The dealers are elegant and complete professionals that will give you a realistic and social gambling experience. Read more detailed reviews on other live dealer games from Evolution Gaming at our dedicated live dealer games section!


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Frequently Asked Questions about the Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show

? Why Is Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show So Popular?

Crazy Time Live is a variant of gamblers' favorite wheel-type games, but with astonishing design and numerous bonus rounds and features that are extremely thrilling, entertaining, and rewarding.

? Why Is This Slot Called Crazy Time?

The name of this live dealer game will give you an accurate idea of what you can expect: an immersive experience in the company of a professional dealer that gets you closer to massive bonus features and a giant multiplier of up to 25,000 x bet – if that's not a crazy time, we don't know what is!

? Can Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show Trigger Big Wins?

Crazy Time Live fans will jump for joy once they find out the wheel can pay a multiplier up to 25,000 x bet, up to a mouth-watering prize of $500,000!

? How Do You Get Free Spins For The Crazy Time Live Casino Game Show?

You can get Free Spins for Crazy Time Live at most online casinos, as a part of promotion bonuses, including the online casinos we have listed on this page. Check them out now and you can spin the wheel for free and compete for a chance to win massive rewards.

? Can You Play Crazy Time With Bonus Money?

Yes, Crazy Time is often part of online casinos promotion and welcome packages with Deposit Bonuses or Free Spins.

? Can You Play Crazy Time On Mobile?

Yes! Being an Evolution Gaming product, Crazy Time Live is available on all mobile phones and tablets.