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Published: 2023/06/21

Updated: 2023/06/21

Author: Alex Matt

Electric Elements Slot



Rated 98 of 100%

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Electric Elements Slot Review

Rated 93.5729 of 100%

Get ready to electrify your gaming experience with Electric Elements, the newest online 5x7 slot game from Swintt!

Slot Information

Provider: Swintt

Return to Player: 96.5%

Volatility/Variance: Medium

Progressive Slot:

Slot type:

Rows: 5

Reels: 5

Paylines: 20

Slot Layout: 5x5

Slot Features

Minimum Bet: $0.4

Maximum Bet: $8

Maximum Win: $656

Available: Android, IOS, Windows

Other key facts

Date Launched: 21 June 2023




Special Symbols:

Good sides

  • + Thrilling theme with the participation of cinema character
  • + Tons of features
  • + Great Volatility


  • - Small betting range
Electric Elements Slot
Electric Elements Slot

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Rated 98 of 100%

welcome bonus

200% up to 3000$ + 30 FS

Number of games
Payment methods
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Min deposit
US Players


Electric Elements is a captivating online slot game designed by Swintt, poised to elevate your gaming experience with its thrilling features and exciting gameplay. This game draws players into an intense atmosphere where the four elements – Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind – take center stage, each offering distinct paths to potential winnings. The goal is to fuel the corresponding meters of these elemental forces and tap into their immense power, thus intensifying the gameplay. With its vivid graphics and dynamic mechanics, Electric Elements stands as a testament to the transformative potential of nature’s elements, while promising rewarding gameplay for slot enthusiasts.



Electric Elements slot brings the thrilling gaming experience directly to players’ screens, thanks to its online availability. This ensures slot enthusiasts can delve into its immersive gameplay right from the comfort of their homes, without losing any elements of fun and engagement that the land-based version offers. Retaining all its vibrant features, the online version of Electric Elements opens up this electrifying slot experience to a global audience. This easy accessibility combined with the compelling gameplay of harnessing elemental powers makes Electric Elements an intriguing choice for players around the world.


The Return to Player (RTP) rate of Electric Elements slot stands at an average of 95.96%, indicating the theoretical portion of total wagers that players can expect to win back over a long period of play. However, it’s important to note that alternate online versions of this slot might offer lower or higher RTP percentages. Given the game’s low to medium variance, the potential for both frequent smaller wins and occasional larger rewards is well balanced. Nevertheless, we highly advise players to verify the RTP rate before embarking on a real money gaming session with Electric Elements. Doing so ensures an informed gameplay experience, well-suited to one’s individual risk-reward preferences.


Multiline slots, like the Electric Elements slot, are a type of slot game that offers players multiple paylines to bet on, thereby amplifying the opportunities for winning combinations. In Electric Elements, players can benefit from the presence of 20 fixed paylines, providing a wide array of betting strategies to choose from. This multi-payline structure is one of the key features that make multiline slots so thrilling and potentially rewarding. The ability to form winning combinations across numerous lines increases the likelihood of securing a successful spin. So, in essence, multiline slots enhance the gaming experience by boosting the chances of winning, and thereby adding an extra layer of excitement to every spin.


The Electric Elements slot is a visual masterpiece that sets itself apart with high-quality graphics and a complementary soundtrack that amplifies the theme’s electrifying vibe. The game draws players into a riveting world of the elements, radiating a sense of awe with its vibrant colors and sparkling symbols that animate the screen. The design reflects a meticulous attention to detail, with each element – Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind – exquisitely illustrated to create an atmosphere of awe-inspiring power and beauty. Coupled with the immersive soundtrack, the design and graphics of Electric Elements synergize to provide an all-encompassing gaming experience that captivates players from the first spin to the last. The striking visual appeal of the game is matched by the immersive nature of the gameplay, providing an unforgettable slot gaming experience.


The Electric Elements slot game comes with a well-detailed paytable, rich with symbols that are both visually stimulating and generous in payouts. High-paying symbols in the game represent various electrifying elements, each with their unique payout values, lending an extra layer of excitement to every spin. Conversely, lower-paying symbols are represented by the classic card suits from the French deck, giving a nod to traditional slot aesthetics. To help players strategize and understand the potential for winning combinations, the paytable is easily accessible within the game interface. Players are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these symbol values to fully grasp the game’s payout structure. This in-game resource serves as a convenient reference point, detailing the monetary potential each spin holds in this electrifying slot game.


The Electric Elements slot game introduces players to a variety of intriguing symbols, each representing an elemental force of nature. The high-paying symbols in the game include the Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind Elements. Fire leads the pack with the potential to pay out as much as 250 times the initial bet. Following closely, Earth can award up to 200 times, Water up to 100 times, and Wind up to 90 times the original stake. On the other side of the spectrum, the lower-paying symbols in the game are emblems depicting the powers of nature, capable of granting up to 85 or 75 times the initial bet. The real game-changer, though, is the Wild symbol, a powerful icon that can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning cluster. This elevates the potential for substantial payouts, making each spin a thrilling experience. With these symbols, Electric Elements embodies the raw, transformative power of nature, while simultaneously offering players ample opportunities for significant wins.


Playing Electric Elements slot game is an electrifying experience that’s straightforward to navigate, even for beginners. The game employs a 5×3 layout, with wins calculated via the Cluster Pays system rather than traditional paylines. This unique approach means you win by landing clusters of matching symbols, providing a fresh and dynamic feel to the gameplay. Before you start, choose your wager from a range of R$1 to R$500, making it suitable for both cautious bettors and high rollers.

Once you’ve set your stake, spin the reels and watch as symbols drop into place, aiming for clusters of identical elements. The game offers a hit frequency of 45.93%, indicating you can expect to land a winning combination nearly half the time you spin the reels. With a low-to-medium volatility, you’ll see frequent but smaller wins, which can be great for extending your playtime. The game’s maximum win potential stands at a respectable 656 times your initial stake, offering plenty of incentive to power up and dive into this electric experience. Always remember, though, to gamble responsibly and set limits that fit your budget and playing style.


Our one-line betting strategy on the Electric Elements slot, involving a 100 spins challenge, showcased the game’s dynamic nature and substantial potential. This test allowed us to gauge the game’s performance and highlight its remarkable features. Throughout the spins, we witnessed an intriguing mix of wins and losses, punctuated by several standout victories during the free spins feature.

The Electric Elements feature was a frequent guest during our gameplay, where symbols transform into wilds to supercharge potential winnings. This added an extra layer of excitement and boosted our profits considerably. This strategy offered us an engaging playing session, with a well-balanced mix of wins and non-winning spins. It proved the Electric Elements slot to be a game that can deliver both an immersive gameplay experience and opportunities for rewarding payouts.


 We ventured into a thrilling gaming session with the Electric Elements slot, playing a total of 100 spins to evaluate its performance and potential. The game kept us engaged with its innovative bonus features, visually pleasing design, and dynamic gameplay. We experienced both wins and losses, with some memorable wins occurring during the Free Spins feature. The distinct Elemental meters and their corresponding boosters frequently came into play, amplifying our potential winnings and adding an exciting layer to the gameplay.


Absolutely! Electric Elements slot, designed by Swintt, runs smoothly on mobile devices thanks to its HTML5 optimization. The game maintains its stunning graphics, immersive soundtrack, and thrilling gameplay elements, allowing players to engage with the electric elements anywhere and anytime. Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, you can expect a seamless gaming experience with Electric Elements.



If you’re curious about the Electric Elements slot but aren’t ready to stake real money, we recommend trying out the Free Play mode. This mode allows you to familiarize yourself with the game’s rules, symbols, payout structures, and bonus features without any financial risk. It’s an excellent way to develop your gaming strategy before progressing to real money play. The Free Play mode is easily accessible, providing a fun and risk-free gaming experience for both new and seasoned slot enthusiasts.


 Winning the Electric Elements slot requires both luck and strategy. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the game’s symbols, paylines, and bonus features. Aim to activate the Elemental Boosters, which have the potential to significantly increase your winnings. It’s wise to manage your bankroll effectively, setting a limit for your stakes and sticking to it.Besides that, consider playing the game in Free Play mode to hone your strategy before wagering real money. Consistent gameplay and a sound understanding of the game’s mechanics can enhance your chances of winning in this electrifying slot game.



Electric Elements slot takes excitement to a new level with its rich bonus features and free spins opportunities. Central to the gameplay are the four Elemental meters—Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. As winning combinations form and symbols explode, these meters fill up, triggering their respective boosters. These dynamic features transform symbols, remove rows, and create wilds, leading to potentially big wins. If all Elemental boosters are activated in one spin, the Free Spins feature is triggered, offering between 3 and 15 free spins. Alternatively, players can use the Bonus Buy feature for instant access to this round. This blend of bonus features and free spins provides a thrilling and potentially lucrative gaming experience.


The Electric Elements slot game features low to medium volatility, or variance. This measure of risk indicates that players can expect a balanced blend of smaller, more frequent wins, and the occasional larger payouts. A slot game with this kind of variance is ideal for players who prefer a steady gaming experience, as it provides less risk compared to high variance games but still offers opportunities for substantial wins. It’s crucial to remember, however, that while the volatility can give a general idea of the risk involved in playing the game, the outcome of each spin is ultimately determined by a Random Number Generator, and every gaming session is unique.



Having delved deep into the mechanics and features of the Electric Elements slot, we can confidently conclude that it’s a game worth your attention. Swintt has successfully created an engaging and visually striking slot, combining an enticing theme with well-executed gameplay. The Cluster Pays mechanic and Element Boosters add an extra layer of excitement, offering players multiple paths to potential wins. With its competitive RTP of 95.96%, a low-to-medium variance, and a top payout of 656 times the bet, it caters to a wide range of players, whether they’re casual gamers or seasoned slot enthusiasts. Furthermore, the mobile optimization of the game ensures that players can enjoy it wherever they go. However, remember to always play responsibly and understand the rules and paytable before starting your journey with Electric Elements.



Is it possible to trigger Big Wins in Electric Elements Slot?

Yes, it is possible to trigger Big Wins in Electric Elements Slot. While the game is of low-to-medium variance, meaning wins are more frequent but generally smaller, the game’s features, such as Element Boosters and Free Spins, can lead to significant payouts. The maximum win is 656 times your bet.



What makes Electric Elements Slot so popular among players?

Electric Elements Slot has gained popularity due to its immersive theme, impressive graphics, and unique gameplay mechanics like Cluster Pays and Element Boosters. Additionally, it offers a decent RTP of 95.96% and a low-to-medium variance, appealing to a broad range of players.



How can you earn Free Spins while playing Electric Elements Slot?

Free Spins in Electric Elements Slot are triggered when all Elemental Boosters – Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind – are activated in a single spin. Players can also buy the feature using the Bonus Buy option for 60x the stake amount.



Can you use Bonus Money to play Electric Elements Slot?

This typically depends on the terms and conditions of the online casino where you’re playing. Most casinos allow players to use bonus money to play various slots, including Electric Elements, but always check the specific rules of your casino.


What is the inspiration behind the name of Electric Elements Slot?

The name “Electric Elements” is inspired by the game’s theme which revolves around the four fundamental elements – Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind – portrayed in a futuristic and electric aesthetic. The game’s mechanics, such as the Element Boosters, further reinforce this theme.


Is Electric Elements Slot available on mobile devices?

Yes, Electric Elements Slot is available on mobile devices. The game is optimized with HTML5 technology, ensuring smooth gameplay on various devices including smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system.



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The Author

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