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Our sports betting guide has all of the know-how and important topics that every player needs to cover to be successful and betting.

Sports betting has been around for a while and as long as there have been people enjoying sports, there have been people wanting to bet on the outcome. People bet on sports for the same reason – it is fun and you can win money. is a your one stop for honest reviews and tests of the top Sports Bookies offering Live odds and live bets, you can also find a good collection of betting tips prepared by our team and readers. Our mission is to provide you with all the important information you need to know before you choose your bookmaker. Premier League football betting, Wimbledon tennis betting, and all other forms of betting is covered in our sports betting guide. 


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Betting on sports or other events is a very popular form of gambling amongst players,  both for serious gamblers and occasional players who wish to wager small amounts on the result of a match between their favorite teams. While professional gamblers or other large spenders might bet tens of thousands of dollars on the results of one match, many individuals simply enjoy putting a couple of dollars down to make themselves feel more invested in the outcome of the game.

These days, online betting websites will permit you to bet on virtually anything, no matter if it's a favorite game like NFL Football, Soccer or basketball, or an obscure contest in a far away league, chances are that some bookmaker out there will have the ability to offer you wagering odds. And it is not just individual games that bookmakers will allow you to wager on either; the results of entire seasons or leagues, the results of individual players, as well as political and celebrity news is all possible!


Hot Sports Betting News and Articles

Sportaza Casino

Sportaza Casino Offers a Better Betting Experience

Sports betting is gaining popularity with more and more casino players choosing to spend their spare time engaging in sports betting activities. For that reason, it is our pleasure to raise your awareness of one of the hottest sports betting sites in the entire iGaming Industry. Let us introduce you ...
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EURO 2021: Cristiano Ronaldo record

EURO 2021: Cristiano Ronaldo Sets the Record for Most Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo set the record for most career goals scored at the EURO championship. The Portugal superstar set the record in the 87th minute against Hungary. Then he scored another goal in injury time to give Portugal a 3-0 victory. Ronaldo set the record in front of a full stadium ...
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EURO 2021: Germany vs France

EURO 2021: Mats Hummel's Own Goal Seals the Game For France

An own goal from defender Mats Hummels was enough to seal the match and give France the concluding 1-0 lead in Munich at this year's EURO 2021. Pressure keeps building around the German squad as their upcoming goal is against the defending champion Portugal and an early exit as the ...
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EURO 2021 Best Performers

EURO 2021 Best Performers So Far You Need to be Aware Of

EURO 2021 has finally begun. Each team has played their opening game and the fans got to say how their favorite squad matches up against the opponents. It was almost surprising that all of the big teams won their games and there were no upsets in the opening round of ...
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EURO 2021 Germany vs France

EURO 2021: The Battle of Giants Germany vs France

The opening stages of the EURO 2021 tournament are going strong. The most enticing EURO 2021 game is up ahead on Tuesday evening. The Match will start at 9 pm Eastern European Time (EET). France versus Germany will see two football powerhouses trying to get their hands on the EURO ...
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French Open Tennis Tournament Semi-Final

Tennis Legendary Face-Off: Nadal vs Djokovic at the French Open

Are you into sports betting? Then this news is perfectly designed for you. Novak Djokovic dethrones Rafael Nadal and stopped his reign at the French Open Tennis Tournament. The tennis match was a four-set win for Djokovic and became an instant semi-final classic for the tennis world. With this win, ...
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What Types of Sports Bets Are There: A Comprehensive Sports Betting Guide?

There are many different kinds of bets which may be held at bookmakers, although not all sorts of bets can be found in most sports. The most apparent bet is only choosing the winner of a game, but there's far more out there. Here's a Fast look of the most popular bets amongst players:


Money Line Bet

In a money line bet, you're just choosing who'll win a sporting event, with all the chances being put out by the bookmaker. Based on the odds of this competition, both options might bring you a good buck for your win.


Point Spread Bet

To be able to provide near even money bets on each side of a competition even if one side is obviously superior to another, a point spread wager may be used. In such stakes, the favorite has to win by over a predetermined amount of points (or goals, runs, etc.) so as to win the bet, whereas the underdog can win or lose by less than the specified amount.


Proposition Bets

More commonly called prop bets, these are bets made on particular pieces of an occasion, on which of two totals may be higher. As an example, a wager on whether or not a particular participant will score a target would be regarded as a prop bet.


Parlay Bets

Parlay is a sort of bet in which many distinct occasions are wagered on in one wager. The gambler could win a huge amount, but only if each wager from the parlay wins. As an example, a six-team parlay will require all six teams participating to win their stakes for the bettor to win.


Teaser Bets

Teasers are equal to little parlays that use point spread bets. At a teaser, the bettor can bet on a small number of matches, but also receives a”teaser” disperse – getting more points (or committing fewer) on every game to improve his probability of winning each bet. Nonetheless, these stakes also supply much lower chances than direct parlays.


Futures Bets

Futures bets are long term wagers which include a few events in the near future. For example, at the start of a year, bettors can create stocks bets on the total winner of a league. Bets won't be paid before the season finishes, though – particularly in the event of a group that's not favored to win the jackpot – that the payouts might be rather big.


Reading Sports Betting Odds

Before getting into gambling on a particular sports game you ought to comprehend the fundamentals of the sport gambling odds. Based on your geographical area and the tastes of your sportsbooks, then there are many distinct systems which may be utilized to express the chances in the sport or event that you would like to wager on. The three most frequently used are Decimal, Fractional, and American odds. Here are the different types of betting odds explained


Decimal Sports Odds

Decimal odds state the entire amount of money you are going to wind up with if you win the wager. For example, at a bet in which you have wagered $1 to get the opportunity to win 3 of this sportsbook's cash (meaning you'd have a total of $4 if you won), decimal odds are 4.00.

Decimal odds are mostly used in Canada, Europe, and Australia.


Fractional Sports Odds

The Fractional odds are the easiest to understand for new gamblers. They simply express the ratio of money, the sportsbook will be wagering compared to the money the gambler is wagering. For example, for that same wager in which you would bet $1 to win 3, fractional odds would make the odds 3/1.

Fractional odds are most commonly used in the United Kingdom.


American Sports Odds

The American odds are somewhat tricky to use at first, but as soon as you learn them, they are very useful. American chances tell the bettor how much they have to bet to win $100. To get a wager such as the one we have talked about so far (gambling $1 to win 3 ), the chances would be +300. If the bet rather required the gambler to bet $3 to acquire $1, then the chances will be -300, because the gambler should now put up $300 to win $100.


Different Types of Betting Odds

Important Factors that We Always Review When Ranking Bookmakers

Here are some important factors and details we always consider when determining the bookmaker's score:

  • How many gambling markets are covered?
  • How many betting options can be found?
  • How great are the gambling options for every market?
  • What sort of gambling limits are set up?
  • What type of promotions will the sports gaming site provide?
  • Is the bookmaker's website simple to use?
  • Are there some live video feeds accessible?
  • Could players follow the incoming athletic event carefully and in detail?
  • How quickly are odds shifting?


Betting Book Recommendations

Beat the Dealer

Edward O. Thorp

Gambling 102
Michael Shackleford

Casino Gambling For Dummies
Kevin Blackwood
Bringing Down the House
Ben Mezrich

Fooled by Randomness
Nassim Taleb

Beat The DealerBeat The DealerBeat The DealerBeat The DealerBeat The Dealer
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Sharp Sports Betting

Stanford Wong’s Sharp Sports Betting is a great introduction to the basics of winning at sports betting.

Weighing the Odds

King Yao’s Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting is another great starting point for new players.

Fooled by Randomness

Talem Kalib’s Fooled by Randomness will help you understand the risk, luck and randomness of odds.

Winning in the long term is tough. Some people have won big, however, the experience and study demanded is a lot. To make things worse, several internet bookmakers are in the tendency of enforcing gambling limits on the clients they believe are more educated than typical, or perhaps utilizing double lines(offering distinct betting lines based upon the ability level of their consumer ).

It is up to just how much you are prepared to work for it. Consistently winning in sports betting is a real thing as shown by the many great players, therefore it is up to you and how committed you are to the task.



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