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The Best Online Betting Sites


Hot Sports Betting News and Articles

BetMGM Casino

BetMGM Casino Has the Hottest Casino Bonuses in New Jersey

Casino Bonuses are a great incentive for online casino operators to attract new casino players. In the modern era, players want to win more and bet less. At first glance, this might seem like an impossible task, however, if gambling in the right online casino, everything is possible. Now, you ...
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EURO 2021 Final

EURO 2021 Grand Final Preview: England vs Italy

After 55 years of tournament drought, England will finally have the chance to win the EURO 2021 Title against Italy. The EURO 2021 final will be played on Wembley, the home soil of England. Gareth Southgate has now led England to another showpiece - the final against Italy. The three ...
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EURO 2021: Denmark vs England

EURO 2021 Second Semi Final Big Winner: England

EURO 2021 end is fast approaching, and the two big finalists are determined. We, at CasinoDaddy, want to congratulate both the teams of Italy and England for making it to the EURO 2021 grand finale. Both teams have shown resilience and determination to bring to big trophy home, but which ...
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Copa America Final

Copa America: Brazil Advances to the Grand Final

Lucas Paqueta, the superstar substitute delivered against the 1-0 victory over Peru in the semi-finals of Copa America. In the Copa America quarter-finals, Lucas has scored the winning goal against Chile that propelled Brazil forward. During most of the game, Brazil was wasting golden opportunities, but they could not find ...
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EURO 2021: Italy v Spain

EURO 2021 Football Competition Classic Clash: Italy vs Spain

Tuesday night will bring us one of the biggest matches of the EURO 2021 Championship. Italy will face off against Spain in a classic to determine the first finalist of the EURO 2021 tournament. The two giants of Europe have two four titles between them, but only one of them ...
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EURO 2021: Denmark vs England

EURO 2021 Hot Game of England vs Denmark: Preview

Gareth Southgate has made a statement with his fine selection over the matches in the EURO 2021. So far he has tweaked them to perfection, although some analysts have speculated over his choices. His decision to start Kalvin Phillips in England’s EURO 2021 opening game against Croatia came off as ...
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Betting vs. Casino Playing

What is interesting with sports gambling, is that the results of these events are comparatively unknown. If you play on a slot machine, you most likely understand in advance your chances of winning, while when gambling on sports events, there are lots of times when the casinos create incorrect calculations when placing their coefficients beforehand, so the players can take advantage and win big money. 


What do people bet on?

Most people bet on sporting events like footballvolleyball, tennis, and horse racing, which are most popular around Europe. In US, the most popular sports that people bet on are NFL – American Football, MLB – Baseball and NBA – Basketball.


What other things do people bet on

Are you tired of only sports betting? We have gathered a list 

1 – White Christmas

Will there be snow on Christmas day? This is one of the most popular betting obsessions for Brits. You can win by predicting if snow will fall onto the roof of the Met Office in London on the 25th of December.

2 – Politics / Elections

The political elections in the US and UK are quite popular amongst betting sites. These kind of polls are getting more and more popular recently, and there are numeorus opportunities for bettrs.

3 – X-Factor / America’s Got Talent (and others)

Yes, it is possible to bet on the most popular TV talent shows. X-factor is the mst popular amongst bettors, although other shows like ‘Country + Got Talent’ are also quite hot at the moment. You can bet on who the winner will be, who will win the rounds, who will go home first and more.

4 – Alien’s Being Discovered

This may come as a surprise, but the discovery of extraterrestrial life has been a popular bet for a while now. The recent discovery of ‘exoplanets’ hasn't changed the odds in any way.

5 – Christmas Number 1 Song

The charts now include downloads and listens on streaming providers — and the remaining portion of CD sales. There's still a great deal of competition to be the number 1 on the charts for Xmas every year. This bet ties in with all the TV talent shows in popularity.

6 – The Oscars / Grammys / Emmy’s

TV and music award ceremonies are also quite popular in the betting world, with most votes being cast on the top awards (best actress/actor). 

7 – Which Premiership Manager Gets Sacked First

Can you guess which will be the first one?

8 – Poker (World Series)

The game involves betting in itself, though when the pros line up for the biggest tournament of the year – the World Series of Poker Main Event – it gets interesting and some fans like to bet on the outcome. You can bet in the beginning of the tournament, though because of the competitiveness of the field, even the best players have little chance of winning.

9 – Reality Shows Betting – Big Brother and the likes

Reality TV shows are popular in most countries nowadays. Some of the most famous ones are Big Brother, The Voice Of, Talent shows and more. A version that gets big attention is the Celebrity Big Brother – which invites that invites different minor celebrities in its house for a period of time. In the U.S. we can find a similar version – ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’, where minor celebrities are put into a jungle and have to survive performing arduous and often messy tasks.

10 – Chess, Scrabble and Other Board Games

Even though chess does not have a massive following like the previous categories that we mentioned, though some fans like to bet on events such as the world champion’s level matches. Another board game on which you can bet is Scrabble.

The list goes on forever. There are many other sports or events that you can place a bet on – for example, you can also bet on the winner at the Eurovision song contest or even who gets a Nobel peace prize. 


The Best Online Betting Sites – Reviewed and Rated in Detail by Our Team

When rating bookmakers, we consider your safety as the most important factor – why wagered on cash games if you cannot take your winnings out? To get a recommendation from us, a game betting site must have a solid history of conveying payouts. Also, if a site has had a few issues (almost all long-running ones have), how were they solved? If a bookmaker passes our security test, we also check other important factors such as ods, choice, client care, and offers.

Sports betting on the web is tied with having a sense of safety and having options. Finding the best website to bet in depends on your needs and requirements. Your online games wagering experience will be greatly improved in the event that you find the right choice.


Best Betting Sites by Category

Football Betting

Tennis Betting

Basketball Betting

The Best Football Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

The Best Tennis Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

The Best Basketball Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

Horse Racing Betting

Hockey Betting

Baseball Betting

The Best Horse Racing Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

The Best Hockey Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

The Best Baseball Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

Boxing Betting

MMA Beting

Volleyball Betting 

 The Best Boxing Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

The Best MMA Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

The Best Volleyball Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

Snooker Betting

Darts Betting

Golf Betting

Top Snooker Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

The Best Darts Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

 The Best Golf Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

betting on politics

Rugby Betting

American Football Betting

Politics and Elections Betting

Top Rugby Bookmakers | Our Top Choice

Top American Football Bookmakers | Our Top Choice 

Top Politics and Elections Bookmakers | Our Top Choice  

Big Brother

Reality Show Betting

Oscars Betting

Betting on Poker Events

Top TV Show Bookmakers | Our Top Choice 

Top Oscars Bookmakers | Our Top Choice  

Top Poker Events Bookmakers | Our Top Choice 


Important Information that We Consider When Ranking Bookmakers

When we declare a gaming site secure and trustworthy, we look at some additional details to determine if the Bookmaker is worth your time and money:

  • How many gambling markets does it cover?
  • How many betting options does it offer?
  • How good are the options for every market?
  • How are proficient bettors handled?
  • What are the gambling limits?
  • What type of promotions is offered by the site?
  • Is the site simple and easy to use?
  • Are live video feeds accessible?
  • Could players follow sporting events and see all the details?


How Do Sports Betting Sites Make Money?

Sports Bookmakers need to make a profit just like any other business. Such a busness takes employees in divisions like client support, betting experts, marketing, and so forth. They should profit while at the same time pay everyone's compensation. It can be summed up through coin-flipping: if a bookmaker needs $110 from getting Tails, it will give you $100 to make sure that the bookie wins in the long haul.


How to Win at Betting?

While there are lots of more specific tips, strategies and techniques for beating sports betting sites, it comes down to this: there are mainly two approaches to perform it, both simple to comprehend and simple in principle but difficult to spot:

  1. If you are educated enough (requires a great deal of research and expertise ), then you might find betting lines at which the bookmaker is way off with their wager of this sport.
  2. Locate arbitrage opportunities. Another way is to find scenarios where two online bookmakers have large enough gaps between their lines which you can turn gain by betting on the other result at Bookmaker A along with another result in Bookmaker B.


Book Recommendations

See Our Library of Gambling Books

Beat the Dealer

Edward O. Thorp

Gambling 102
Michael Shackleford

Casino Gambling For Dummies
Kevin Blackwood
Bringing Down the House
Ben Mezrich

Fooled by Randomness
Nassim Taleb

Beat The DealerBeat The DealerBeat The DealerBeat The DealerBeat The Dealer
Read Our ReviewRead Our ReviewRead Our ReviewRead Our ReviewRead Our Review

The best Books that are cover Betting are:

Sharp Sports Betting
Stanford Wong’s Sharp Sports Betting is a great book covering the basics of sports wagering.

Weighing the Odds
King Yao’s Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting is a must-read for every sports bettor.

Fooled by Randomness
Talem Kalib’s Fooled by Randomness will teach you the risks, luck and randomness of betting.

Winning in the long term is tough. Some people have completed it in a large way, however the quantity of experience and study demanded is a lot for many of us. To make things worse, several internet bookmakers are in the tendency of enforcing gambling limits on the clients they believe are more educated than typical, or perhaps utilizing double lines(offering distinct betting lines based upon the ability level of their consumer ).

It is up to just how much you are prepared to work at it. Consistently winning in sports gambling is potential as shown by other people, therefore it is your choice and how committed you are prepared to be.


Important Questions about Sports Betting 

Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive about betting online.


How do I find a safe and trustworthy bookmaker?

One quick and simple approach to locate a good and dependable bookmaker is to check our proposals for the best wagering sites. You can find our top picks at the top of this page. Maybe you already checked them out? Or you don't find them interesting enough? In any case, you'll need to do some research. Hands down, the quickest method to discover a safe betting site is to ensure it's not on any blacklists. If a betting site is black-listed, you are better off staying away from it.

Ensure you realize who owns the site you are betting on. Don't forget to check more about the parent organization and what their reputation is.

You can also. heck out our reviews.  Whatever you choose in the end, just make sure that the site is safe, pays out money in time and has mostly positive reviews. 


What’s the minimum I can bet online?

This depends on the betting site, but most accept bets as low as €1 minimum.


What’s the maximum I can bet online?

This depends on several things:

  • The bookmaker and its terms.
  • The market you play in.
  • The specific type of bet.

It may likewise depend on whether the bookmaker has you declared as a recreational bettor, or an expert or talented bettor. There are bookmakers that will let you wager huge amounts, even tens or several thousands. You'll have the option to wager more on football and other popular sports such as basketball, tennis or e-gaming. Also, you'll have the option to wager more on special events like the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl or the NBA Finals.

Our advice is to check our reviews of the different bookmakers and find out their limits or check the terms and conditions on the bookmaker's website. 


What are proposition bets?

Such types of bets are also known as prop bets. They are different from other types of bets as they’re usually odd, unique or different from most types of bets, like straight bets to win or over/under. Such bets can be much more entertaining for the player.

Wikipedia refers to them as ‘novelty’ bets. Here are some examples:

  • The duration of the word ‘brave’ in the pregame performance of the national anthem.
  • The color of the Gatorade that is going to be dumped on the coach of the winning team.

They might also be more standard. For example:

  • Who will score first in the game?
  • How many strikes will a pitcher have?
  • Which will be the team with the lowest score. 

Prop bets can vary greatly from one site to another. Some may not even offer such. The best way to find out if the bookmaker offers these types of bets is to check the list of bets provided on their websites or check our reviews. 


What’s the difference between bookmakers?

There are many differences between bookmakers around the world. For example:

  • If they take USA customers or not.
  • If they focus on only USA or international markets (or not).
  • Are they pro-friendly or not.
  • Do they dual lines or not.
  • What markets and sub-markets they work with.
  • When they post their lines.
  • Do they offer live betting?
  • The promotions they offer.


What are sports picks?

Sports picks are ‘tips' from a tipster. He can tell you if he thinks that he will win or lose a match. Some tipsters might offer free picks, while others will charge you per pick, play or season. Tipsters usually specialize in a few sports. They know these games inside and out – players, history rankings, news and so on. You should be cautious when purchasing picks. Numerous tipsters will amend their stats (wins/loses), and just show you the best pieces of their record, or just give you explicit seasons trying to trick you. So it's imperative to check their volume/amount of wagers and to what extent they've been betting in the past. The more they've been betting, the better.


What’s a good win-rate for sports betting?

You will have to do a bit better than 51-52% to break even (because of the vig). Experts bettors advise that 53-54% is achievable, while 55% or higher will make you a pro bettor. The truth is that even though 53% does not sound like much, but in reality, it is quite hard to achieve. A 53% win-rate would mean that you’ve successfully beaten the bookie for a profit. If you’re betting $1, or even $5, this means that you win pennies, nickels and dimes. This is hardly exciting. But what if you’re betting $500, $1,000 or even $10,000. This is where the real profit actually lies.


Can you make a living through sports betting?

Yes, you can, but it’s not easy. First, you’ll need a lot of experience,  and handle your math, savings account and bankroll well. To put this into a perspective – you have to be good enough to beat the bookmaker with a bit more than 52% in order to break even and overcome the house edge. And you’ll need a large enough amount available for betting, that you can make a substantial profit. You’ll also need to consider losses, and have enough money set aside to be able to live comfortably even if you don't make a profit. Keep in mind that this will happen in around 50% of the time in the long run, and possibly even more in the short run – sometimes even throughout an entire season.


What’s the difference between pre-match betting and live-game betting?

When you are making a pre-match bet, you’re making the bets BEFORE the start of the game. Live or in-play betting is the opposite – you can make your bets real-time, as the game is on-going. This means that the lines will be constantly changing, as well as the types of bets that you can make, and more.


How old do I need to be to bet sports online?

Most websites accept players 18 and older, however, there are some states in which the legal age for gambling is 21+. Check out the laws in the state you live in, or see our detailed summary of the laws in the different U.S. states here. 


The most popular sports for betting in Europe

Without a doubt, football is the most popular betting sport in the old continent as the game is the most popular in Europe. There is many different betting options available for bettors. Especially popular are the Champions League, the local tournaments and the UEFA Cup, of course the World Cup and and the Euro cup are extremely popular while they are taking place. The second most popular betting sport is tennis – an individual sport that offers huge variety of betting options. Then depending on specific countries come sports like hockey, basketball, volleyball, horse racing and many more.


Can you only bet on sports?

Absolutely no! Many books offer bets on a variety of different things, from e-gaming to politics and more. More and more betting websites today also offer an entertainment section, which can include betting options for TV shows, Award Shows (like the Grammy's), Presidential Elections, and weather predictions.


How much money do I need to bet sports? How much should I bet?

You can begin by matching the minimum deposit. But it is impossible to predict how long will $20 or $50 last you between bad bets and variance. A good rule of thumb is to size your bets relative to your bankroll – around 1-2%. That means if you want to bet the minimum at most books — $1 – you should have a $50 bankroll minimum, and preferably closer to $100. The larger you want each unit (bet) to be, the larger your bankroll should be. Of course, you can bet however much you want and keep however much you want online if you’re prepared to reload your account if/when you deplete your bankroll.


What is line shopping?

You can line shop by comparing the lines between different betting providers and choosing the best one. For example, if  Bookmaker A is offering +110 on a specific game, but Bookmaker B offers +105, you should obviously go with Bookmaker B. You’re after all getting a better deal. That might not seem like such a big saving, but it can add up over time. Another thing to consider is that professional bettors can beat the bookie with 0,5%, a small difference which can mean the difference between winning, loosing or breaking even. 


Should I have multiple betting site accounts?

Yes and for a few reasons. The first is that you can check the lines on both sites and choose the best. The second reason is that bookmakers are offering different lines in different markets. Another reason is that each book offers different promotions and deals. So the more accounts you have, the more options you will have as well as better options.



Can I make free sports bets online?

Yes! The great thing about playing online is that you can play for free. This is true for both online casino games and poker. In some cases, you can even win real money, which is quite popular in the online poker world. However, free bets are not that popular and online sportsbooks rarely offer a free-bet option. If we find a casino that offers this we will make sure to list it here. 


Why do different bookmakers have different odds?

Each bookmaker will set their own odds as they see fit based on their market, size, current trends, experience, public opinion (which has the most influence), different books’ lines, and so on.



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