Casinos Without Registration and Instant Withdrawals – What are their benefits and which are the best ones?

Sometime during the last 2 years, online casinos came up with a new idea that some even call revolutionary, that is online casinos with no accounts, no registration process and almost instant withdrawals, where players are not required to register an account or provide their email, phone number and address to start playing. The idea of creation of no registration casinos tackles at least three issues that players would usually face: 1. long registration processes, 2. giving away personal data and 3. slow withdrawals and additional verification for withdrawals. Many casinos recognized the opportunity and now there is serious competition in the field.

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The benefits of the no registration casinos are obvious and in the near future you will see, more and more casinos that do not require registration. Let us explore the essence of no account casinos below and why casino operators are rushing to implement this functionality.


The advantages of no account, no registration casinos!

The creators of no registration casinos wanted to improve on several major shortcomings that most “ordinary” casinos have. The first step for improvement was the elimination of the registration process and the meaningless and risky provision of tons of personal data to the casino operator. The second was the introduction of fast and easy withdrawals, which was something that was in great demand by casino players frustrated with their experience with other casinos!


The annoying registration process and giving up a lot of personal sensitive information

Most online casinos require players to go through a registration and verification process, that usually demands from players to provide sensitive information such as name, address and email. Often players have to give away much more. This is one of the really annoying features that many casinos require from players. Naturally, most people are resistant to just giving away their personal information, regardless of the assurances that casino operators give them that they will store is safe and protected. 

How does this improvement look in reality? Let us look at a simple example and compares the registration process between a “regular” casino and a “no account” casino so you can see for yourself. For our quick example, we will compare the registration process of one of the most popular casinos out there VideoSlots and a new star on the block – Ninja Casino.


The registration process with VideoSlots Casino

Let's start with VideoSlots. This is what their registration process looks like:


Step 1 of registration with VideoSlots

Once a players wants to join the casino and play with real money, he clicks on the Register button and starts with the registration procedure. The first screen he sees is shown below:


So, almost immediately, players have to give away their personal number, email and phone number. This is quite a lot for many people.

Most people will think that giving this kind of information will be enough for them to start playing. Not so fast, says Lieutenant Columbo, there are just a few more things… 



Step 2 of registration with VideoSlots


One the next step, players have to give their exact address, date of birth, sex and of course have to verify their phone number. Many times there are several optional check-boxes that are marked checked and are not required for registration. Examples could be: “Do you want to receive emails, SMS phone messages and so on“, and often people will just skip them, only to be bombarded with messages in the future. 


How safe is your information? No one knows exactly. Yes, of course, most casinos take great care of protecting the personal information of their players. But accidents do happen, perhaps a database could be hacked somehow, or perhaps a disgruntled employee with access to it might decide to sell it to a competitor company or to a new upcoming casino (would not it be nice for a new casino to have a great database of casino players?) – one can never know. 


The registration process at Ninja Casino – oh wait, there is not one!

Now, lets look at Ninja casino and their registration process. Well, turns out that there is NOT one. Players simply verify their bank account and deposit directly. How is that possible? Turns out, it is fairly easy. This is their “registration” process:

Basically players click on the deposit button, then they select their country and bank of choice … 

then players select their account, enter the amount they want to play with, and verify themselves directly with their bank! Neat!


This is not to say that the casinos have completely no idea who their players are. Of course they can see some information that comes with the bank such as the name of the player and its account number, but they will not have access to all other types of sensitive personal data. But, at Ninja players identify themselves through BankID rather than their usual username and password. This eliminates the need of giving away unnecessary sensitive data, as well as giving you the assurance that they do not have access to any of your personal information and therefore do not collect any of your data on their servers.

Overall, a great idea and we like it a lot!


Fast Withdrawal Times!

The other great improvement is fast withdrawal times. Actually they are almost instant and with the major Nordic banks they usually take about 15 minutes. 


So, we have another very annoying thing eliminated – players do not have to provide even more personal data!

Experienced players at online casinos have been tremendously frustrated by another really poor feature of conventional online casinos. Suppose that you register at a casino and you have a really good day and you win big. Then you decide to withdraw your winnings – after all people gamble so they can make money if they have the chance. So you click the Cash Out button, and then you immediately realize that this is actually not easy at all! The casino is yet once again going to ask you to provide them with even more additional verification so you can cash out. For example, they will ask you for a proof of residence (funny, they do not ask for that before they let you play – they only ask you that if you win). That proof could be a utility bill for example, addressed to you or some other silly document for further verification. Then you have to find that document, scan it, submit it and have it approved – that process takes a bit as well. Then it might get rejected by the casino and they could say – please send again, this document is not readable. And so on and so on. Then after all this goes through, the casino might tell you that it takes several business days for you to take your money out. 

Annoying is not it! Also, players can not help but think that the casino is making every effort to delay the payment, hoping that the player will keep playing and eventually lose it all and cancel the withdrawal altogether. Actually, in some cases this is not far from the truth at all.


But, not that fast! There are just few more things:


Many casinos have withdrawal limits! So, it could turned out that even after all that verification mumbo jumbo a big winning player can only withdraw some money at a time (withdrawal limits of 4000 Euros are actually quite common). This fact gets big winners get even more annoyed – they need to wait for months to withdraw their big win! Or, of course, play again till they lose everything.

To summarize, it is a truly bad experience to hit a big jackpot only to find yourself that you have to wait endlessly for your money. This is a huge advantage of no registration casinos, as good players understand that, in order to avoid payout frustration, the fast payment and instant cash out casinos are a much better option. Instant cash out casinos meanwhile will usually pay you out within a couple of hours and the fastest ones paying out within minutes! It is good to know that many online casinos out there are pretty much just startup companies, with limited resources, and a single big win can wipe them out completely. So, choosing a fast payment casino is not only extremely convenient, but it also assures you that the casino is financially solvent enough to be able to process thousands of payments through multiple payment platforms on any given day. 


Some other technicalities on no account casinos


How is your balance being calculated and kept current? How do you stop and resume play?

Well, the fact that you do not have a formal account, does not mean that you need to exhaust your balance or withdraw your winnings after each session! In the case of Ninja casino, if after some exciting gaming action a player decides to take a break from gaming or even call it a day, all he needs to do is to hit the pause button and his balance will be saved for you until his next gaming session. Once he is back he hits the Resume Play button, verify himself with his Bank ID, get his proper balance and resume play. Otherwise the player's cash balance is being stored in relation to his Bank ID and it could be kept at the casino or withdrawn almost instantly to the players bank!


Little or No charge on money transfers

Casinos using Trustly, again Ninja is a great example, usually have a policy of no fees on all money transfers is a result of this policy, ensuring that every dollar deposited by a player for gaming purposes is available for him for just that. Again, not only are all deposits free of charge, but they are available to the player immediately after the transfer has been approved. As far as we know, there are no hidden agendas and no extra fees. However, one thing to remember is that you choose the same currency for your deposits and withdrawals as the one used in your bank account as otherwise there could be unfavorable currency exchange rates.


Instant casinos try to avoid giving bonuses especially bonuses with big wagering requirements

Instant withdrawals mean instant withdrawals. However, if a player has take a bonus that has wagering requirements attached to it, players soon find out that they can not immediately withdraw their winnings because they are required to play their deposit amount several times over before being able to withdraw. This might cause a frustration among some players and this is the reason why instant withdrawal casinos prefer to give cashbacks or other bonuses that do not have wagering requirements.  


What are the Fastest Withdrawal Methods?

Players understand that payment methods like Bank Wires or e-Checks take days, if not weeks, to arrive to your account, and are therefore they try to avoid them wherever possible. Here are some of the most popular and fastest payment methods available to cash out your winnings:

Trustly : Easily the fastest payout method, Trustly connects directly with your bank account using BankID to transfer money directly to or from your casino. Trustly’s ability to transfer directly to your bank account makes it the most convenient cash out option, as it does not require a 3rd party eWallet to serve as an intermediary. Not only are transfers deposited instantly to your bank from the moment they are approved, but most casinos will also process them for free. Trustly withdrawals have been known to be processed as quickly as in 5 minutes at sites like Ninja Casino. 

Neteller: While its name may not be as instantly recognizable worldwide as PayPal, Neteller is one of the leading eWallets in the world. While PayPal stopped taking casino transactions for several years, Neteller more than filled in that void to become the most popular eWallet in the casino industry. Providing a fast, easy and highly secure service, choosing Neteller will allow you to receive payouts within minutes of their approval.

 Skrill: Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill has been another staple of casino payments for over two decades. An extremely well-reputed eWallet providing a quick, convenient and safe service, Skrill is as easy to makes deposits to your casino of choice as it is to withdraw funds. 

Paysafecard: One of the most widely supported prepaid cards in the e-commerce world, Paysafecard has been servicing the online casino industry for over a decade. Allowing you to send or receive money using a 16-digit Pin number, Paysafecard is as safe as it is swift. As an added bonus, Paysafecard is accepted in thousands of e-commerce shops online, allowing you to shop with your winnings directly, as well as transfer them to your bank.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin has grown in popularity as an online casino payment method in the past couple of years, as it gained popularity in the online world and its value skyrocketed. Boasting a secure, decentralized and anonymous platform, Bitcoin allows players to receive fast withdrawals while protecting their secure information. However, Bitcoin’s extremely volatility makes this the riskiest payment method, as your bitcoin’s value can vary extremely from one day to the other. 


Lets look at Trustly for a moment and see how it works

Trustly is a relatively new name in payment providers but they’re taking the world by storm. They actually offer a payment solution to online casinos, web shops, the Swedish auction site Blocket and more. For this reason, their website is not specifically aimed at casino players, which can make it pretty hard to understand exactly who they are, what they do and how they work from the players perspective.

Trustly is a payment method that allows payers to make a bank transfer online within the casino site itself. With Trustly, you can complete your payment to a casino without leaving its website. To make a deposit you first need to make sure that your bank is supported. You will be prompted by Trustly to provide your online banking credentials. Once your credentials have been entered, follow the instructions to complete the payment. When using Trustly, your payment must be made from a personal bank account. If your account has a payment limit, please note that your payment may be delayed if it exceeds the limit.


About Trustly

Trustly began in 2008 with the aim of making online payments quicker and safer for the customer. They enable customers to make instant online bank transfers to their favorite casinos. This means no fussing with long card numbers, no having to scan and send you card (whilst remembering to cover bits up) to the casinos for verification, no waiting and no fees for transfers.


How Does Trustly work?

The steps are simple:

  1. Select your bank.
  2. Log in to your bank.
  3. Confirm payment.
  4. Cash will be instantly in your casino account.
  5. This is it … you can play!


Is Trustly Safe?

Trustly is just about the safest online payment method in the market. They are regulated by the Swedish FSA, who is the governing body that regulates banks in Sweden, meaning it’s just as safe and secure as the safest banks in Europe. Trustly doesn’t save your online banking password or use your data in any underhand way.

Because its purely based on your bank login details, fraud is almost impossible with Trustly. Someone could only use Trustly from your bank account if they knew which bank you have, your username, password and have access to your bank token- depending on your bank this might be a physical token, an SMS service or some other way you must confirm payments before they’re made. This is the kind of information and technology you know you would never give to someone else!


Who Can Use Trustly?

It is available for payers with bank accounts in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.  They are also fully mobile optimised so you can deposit via Trustly on just about any device which can access the internet. Not only is it safe and fast, it’s also hugely convenient.


Do I Need an Account with Trustly?

No, you don’t sign up to Trustly or open an account. You simply select them in the casino cashier and follow the steps to make the deposit.


Instant Withdrawals with Trustly

Trustly are able to send instant bank transfers anywhere in the Eurozone. So if your country is in the eurozone and your casino offers Trustly, your withdrawal will appear in your bank account as soon as the casino approves it!



2018 was an interesting year in the online casino world and one of the most important development was the introduction and the growing popularity of the no account and no registration casinos. We have tried our best to explain their benefits in some great detail on these pages. We invite our readers to read and understand the benefits of these types of casinos and explore them in further detail so they discover even more pleasant playing options at online casinos. Good luck!


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