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Overall Quality - 93%
Graphics & Gameplay - 92%
Current Bonuses - 90%
Overall Score - 90%

Discover the sea life and win big prizes!




Return to Player:



Medium to High

Progressive Slot:

Slot type:

Video Slot



Five Reel Slot



Slot Layout:


Minimum Bet:


Maximum Bet:


Maximum Win:


Gamble Round Feature:

Free Spins Feature:

Auto Play Feature:

Multiplier Feature:

Bonus Buy Feature:



Date Launched:

15 april 2021


Wildlife Themed Slots



Special Symbols:




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Intro to the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot

Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost is an upcoming slot by Blueprint Gaming, which is set to be released in the second quarter of 2021. Judging by the name the theme of the game is inspired by the sea world. Such a fishing theme is not uncommon for Blueprint Gaming. However, with each game comes something innovative which will make your gameplay more exciting. Find out what Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot has to offer and go on fishing from the comfort of your home.


Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot Online

Blueprint Gaming is famous for its dedication to online casino players. The software developer has recently been putting massive efforts into creating such titles which will appeal to the most demanding casino player. The game developer heavily relies on thrilling game themes and generous bonus features. Fortunately, the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot does not make any difference. The upcoming fishing-themed slot is likely to become one of the most exciting slots by Blueprint Gaming. The game will be available to be played online regardless of your location. All you need is an online casino operator that will satisfy your need. In order for you to find such an online casino, we advise you to check our overall listing of the best online casinos currently in the iGaming Industry.


Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot Return to Player – RTP – 

How does Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost compare to other slot games? Click on the listed RTP percentages here to read more slot reviews from our team:


As far as the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot is concerned, we are uncertain what its RTP will be. This is because the slot has not been released yet. On the other hand, you can rest assured that we will update you as soon as the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot enters the casino industry. 


Gallery and Shots of Main Slot Features


What are Multiline Slots?

Multiline slots have become one of the most popular sources of entertainment for online casino players. In fact, there are many reasons which underpin the players’ consideration to pick exactly that kind of casino products. First and foremost, multiline slots have more innovative themes and design. You can happen to play slot games inspired by your favourite movie or TV show or even a book. What is more, multiline slots usually offer a better winning potential. This is because they have various bonus features. In terms of the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot, you can expect 5 reels and 10 pay lines.


Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot Review

Blueprint Gaming has always been a game developer which has attention to details. This will be evidenced in the upcoming release of the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot. The main action of the game is set at the bottom of the sea and blue colors are dominating the screen. We have already seen this theme at Blueprint’s games. However, this does not mean that we will not be pleasantly surprised as soon as the game comes to life. As we have already said, the game will have 5 reels and 10 pay lines. To be completely transparent we still cannot be certain about the success of the game. Nevertheless, judging by the success of its developer and the bonus features which will be included we are rather positive.


Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Paytable

The paytable has not been yet confirmed. However, bear in mind that as soon as we find out how each combination will contribute to your bank account we will update our review. What we can advise is to familiarize yourself with the paytable before betting with Real Money. This will allow you to fully grasp the concept and the winning potential of the game.


Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Symbols Explained

Once you load the game you will notice intriguing characters, each being of different value. As the game is inspired by the sea, you can expect such symbols to appear on the reels. You will appreciate images with the Fisherman, the Boat, Tackle Box, Fish, Bird or Fishing Rod and fish-decorated Royals. As soon as the game goes live, we will give further information on behalf of its symbols.


How To Play the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost

Blueprint Gaming’s products are particularly easy to be played. This is because the company does not want to overwhelm you with irrelevant information as this will make your casino experience unpleasant. Taking into consideration the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot you can expect gameplay that is both exhilarating and straightforward. There is Auto Play mode which will spin the reels on your behalf. You can easily turn the feature off. What is more, you can also manage the sound effects with just one click on the screen. Below we will talk you through the betting strategy for this game and the bonus features that you should be aware of. 


Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot Betting Strategy

Having a winning betting strategy is of paramount importance when it comes to gambling online. This is due to the fact that games are basically designed for you “to place one more bet”. For that reason, you will need to gamble responsibly. Taking into account the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot, the betting range is rather favorable for casino players. You can spin the reels for just $0.10 for 10 lines, Of course, if you are a risk-taker or if you believe that today is your lucky day you can higher up to $500.


Respin Feature

The Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot will offer a plethora of bonus features. However, it appears that a respin feature will not be available this time. Only the future can tell and we will let you know when we experience the game ourselves.


Does Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Work on Mobile?

Online casino products which are mobile-friendly are generally considered to be more successful. The rationale for this consideration is that these games can be accessed by people regardless of their location. For example, if you queuing or you not in the mood of spending the day in your bet, you can easily access certain games. Luckily, the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot is one such game. All you need to possess is a supported device that includes HTML 5 for Desktop, iOS and Android and a fast internet connection.


Try the Free Play Mode

The Free Play mode is another feature that is commonly used in the players’ society. Casino players derive satisfaction from using this feature because it allows them to experience first-hand a particular casino slot without investing Real Money. The Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot will offer such a symbol. What you will need to do in order to make use of it is to pay a visit to your favorite online casino operator which works closely with Blueprint Gaming. If you are uncertain which these brands are you can check on our main page.


How To Win at Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot

This is the question all online casino players want to know the answer to, isn’t it? Well, we have some general recommendations for you. The first point to bear in mind is that you will need to play responsibly if you want to have a positive gaming experience. Moreover, you will need to perfectly understand the concept of the game and how it operates. This means that you will need to access the paytable and try out the Free Play Mode. In order to win at Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot, you will need to trigger a winning combination. Usually, you will be required to land 3 matching symbols. However, the game has not been released yet and we are not 100% sure how each winning combination will benefit you.


Bonus Features and Free Spins

There are two bonus features of the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot that definitely provoked our interest, namely the Fisherman Free Games and Spin Boost feature.

The Fisherman Free Games is the first one. Stake from as little as 10 p or currency equivalent so cast your reel to net the big prizes. The second feature which is rather innovative is the Spin Boost feature. Should you happen to activate a bonus, you will be able to choose to take their spins or play Spin Boost at the cost of 2xbet+ so as try and collect extra spins up to a maximum of 50.


Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot Volatility

Court of Heart is a game of medium volatility. This means that the game is perfectly suited for both risk-takers and players with limited funds.


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Our Conclusion on this Slot Review

All in all, there is not much information as far as the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot is concerned. However, judging by the resounding success of its developer, we expect the game to be one of the most promising as soon as it goes live. The game will support different currencies, which will make it more convenient for players from all around the globe. What is more, it will be accessible in several languages. These fact combined with the fact that the game will offer a new innovative bonus feature and a familiar but interesting theme lead us to the conclusion that the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost is highly likely to exceed many players’ expectations.

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Why is the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot So Popular?
This slot is gaining popularity, because it was made by one of the best developers in the world and that is Pragmatic Play.
Can Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost SlotSlotTrigger Big Wins?
Yes! Stay tuned for the paytable!
How Do You Get Free Spins on Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost?

The Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost slot will feature the Spin Boost mechanic which will guarantee you up to 50 Free Spins.

Can You Play Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost With Bonus Money?

Yes, you are most likely allowed to play the Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost Slot with Bonus Money. However, make sure you familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your favourite online casino operator before trying the game out.

Can You Play Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost on Mobile?
Yes, Fishin Frenzy Spin Boost is available for all devices.
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