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There is more than meets the eye in the kingdom of Poseidon!

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Overall Quality - 93%
Graphics & Gameplay - 92%
Current Bonuses - 90%
Overall Score - 90%

Claim the Pearls of Poseidon in Leander's latest online slot this March 2021!




Return to Player:

96.00 %



Progressive Slot:

Slot type:

Video Slot




Five Reel Slot



Slot Layout:



Minimum Bet:


Maximum Bet:


Maximum Win:


Gamble Round Feature:

Free Spins Feature:

Auto Play Feature:

Multiplier Feature:

Bonus Buy Feature:



Date Launched:

25 march 2021


Ocean Themed Slots



Special Symbols:






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Bright designs and stunning 3D illustrations Another Greek Mythology and Poseidon inspired slots game
High winning symbol combinations
Both Wilds and Scatters

Intro to the Pearls of Poseidon Slot

This Leander Games masterpiece is set out to conquer the slots market in March of 2021, as it was recently launched many of the leading online casinos have included this game in their portfolio. This new game provides players with a fresh underwater experience which they have never seen before, this slot is set to include various of features which are yet to be released to the public.


Pearls of Poseidon Slot Online

Throughout the years Leander Games slowly learned how to produce world-class slot, and now more than ever they have demonstrated their ability through this exceptional Pearls of Poseidon Slot, that offers players with state-of-the-art features and beautiful mechanics that can only be found on this slot. Furthermore, this game welcomes players in a warm and easygoing cluster system, based on a hexagonal game that places symbols in three different levels.

At the moment there, is not much information on what this game will include, however one thing we know for sure is that this slot will have 5 reels and 3 rows, showing the players that it will have a standard grid. However, with regard to the other features of the game, such as maximum and minimum stake amounts, we cannot say as this information is yet to be released. The released date for the Pearls of Poseidon slot is set to be the 25th of March of 2021.


Pearls of Poseidon Slot Return to Player – RTP – 96.00%

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Currently, we have no information on what the RTP percentage for this game is, simply because this slot has not been released on the market yet.


Gallery and Shots of Main Slot Features


What are Multiline Slots?

In the iGaming community, gamblers typically refer to multiline slots as slot games which hold multiple paylines, hence giving players the opportunity to activate as many winning combinations as possible through the so called multiline.


Pearls of Poseidon Slot Review

Over the past couple of years Leander Games has been an up-and-coming developer, and not particularly a famous one, until last year with the release of Diamond Blast Zone. Up to now they have not released any official information about this particular game except the fact that it will feature a 5 by 3 grid.

We certainly hope this game lives up to the expectations set from their previous slot games, but to be quite frank we have no doubt that it will most likely surpass the previous games. With a theme which includes the Greek God Poseidon what could possibly go wrong. Not to mention that the game itself is set to include a whole range of amazing opportunities including features like Wild symbols, Symbols Swap feature, Re-spins, and Free Spins with Sticky Multipliers.


Pearls of Poseidon Paytable

Currently, one can imagine why we cannot enlist a defined paytable, because at the moment there is no estimate amount which players can accumulate on this slot game. However, we will update this segment as soon as we have some new info on this crucial segment.


Pearls of Poseidon Symbols Explained

The symbols of this game are quite similar to most underwater based slot games that you might have come across as there are plenty of magical sea creatures roaming around. The low paying symbols include the classic card symbols of A, K, Q, J, and 10 with a sea twist on them. Furthermore, the high-paying symbols will feature the pearls of Poseidon himself, as well as a mythical figure of the mystical God, plus some other unexpected sea creature which we are yet not aware of.


How To Play the Pearls of Poseidon

If you have ever played any slot game before, than this one will not pose any difficulty for you, as it is comprised of a simple 5 by 3 design, similar to what most slot games implement nowadays. In essence, what we are counting on is that despite the uncertainties that this game poses at the moment, as there is no concrete information to rely on what it may include, we believe that it will be no different to any other sea-themed slot game, with the addition of a couple of extra bonus features.

Additionally, this game is set to have amazing graphics for those who are fans of the visuals, of video slots such as this one. The professionals at Leander Games, have let the players know that the stunning graphics are befitting of the utmost realistic undersea movie, and that just makes us even more excited as to what is about to hit the screens on the 23rd of March, when the game is set to be released.

With regard to the betting lines, as of this moment we do not know how many paylines, this game will feature, but what we know is that it will most likely be a low-staking game meaning that players will have a betting range which hoovers between $0.10 and $10 or $50.


Pearls of Poseidon Slot One-Line Betting Strategy

With this game not been released yet, it is even harder to talk about any sort of betting or winning strategy. Currently, we can only speculate about the betting range of the game let alone talk about strategies, as of this moment we can only advise for players not to get carried out when the game is released. If you have a tactic which has not proven you wrong on any other similar sets just implement it here as well and see how it goes.


Our 100 Spins Challenge on Pearls of Poseidon

Our team at have tried out Pearls of Poseidon Slot ourselfes to make sure we give you recommendations of the best slots in gambling. In the video below, you can watch us gamble with real money and get a glimpse of what gambling experience awaits for you on this stunning casino game. Check it out:


Does Pearls of Poseidon Work on Mobile?

Thankfully, the developers at Leander Games decided to give out a bit of information on what we believe is a significant component of any slot game, and that is in fact the mobile compatibility. Luckily for slot enthusiasts who wish to enjoy this game, that can be done from any smartphone, including iOS and Android.


Try the Free Play Mode

We are not completely sure whether or not this game will have a free-demo version, as some of the previously released titles by this provider did not feature such a version. Nevertheless, we hold hope that the developers will have in store a demo-version where players can just explore the features and animations of the game without having to risk their own money.


How To Win at Pearls of Poseidon Slot

Winning at any slot game can be quite tricky, and for the moment we cannot tell to our readers that we know how you do so on this slot game, simply because there is very little information posted about this game. Nevertheless, we know one important fact, and that is that this fame will hold various different features including Spins and Multipliers.

If you play carefully, and calculate your stakes so that you can take the maximum advantage of these features we have no doubts that you will be able to accumulate a massive bag of earnings. Additionally, there are plenty of different symbols such as the wilds and scatters which are there to help you trigger winning combos.


Bonus Features and Free Spins

One thing that we know for certain is that Pearls of Poseidon Slot is set to incldue a variety of different bonuses in the forms of free spins, re-spins and multipliers, however what we do not know is how players can trigger these features. Although, not knowing can be quite frustrating, think of it as a long-awaited present, by the time Christmas comes you will be more excited than ever.

With regard to the simpler features such as the spins and multipliers, we believe that they will be reminiscent to how other slot games operate. All experienced slot players know very well how wild symbols and symbols swap features operate on the board, but Pearls of Poseidon Slot might have a different twist on such features and make them even more lucrative.


Gates of Olympus slot Volatility

Currently, we do not have an accurate number of the RTP percentage offered at this gambling club, therefore we cannot decisively say what the volatility rate of this game will be.


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Our Conclusion on this Slot Review

As of this moment and from what we know of Leander Games, we can say that players need to get prepared to expect a truly amazing slot game which lies on the boundary between the ordinary and the fascinating. With a 5 by 3 grid, this game might seem like nothing out of the usual, but the developers behind this title have produced some of the hottest slots to come to the market in recent years, therefore we can guarantee that this one will not disappoint.

The game will involve a variety of state-of-the-art features including Wild symbols, Symbols Swap feature, Re-spins, and Free Spins with Sticky Multipliers. Additionally, the Pearls of Poseidon will definitely impress visually, as the developers have praised the magnificent graphics the slot holds and how they will amaze even the most experienced of slot enthusiasts. Currently, it would be wrong for us to give an overall review of this slot game based on the information we have now, as it is simply not enough, however as soon as this game drops, we will make sure to add the additional info you will need.


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Why is the Pearls of Poseidon Slot So Popular?

At the moment, this slot game is not that famous, but the hype around it is big, because it is made by an up-and-coming developer who has never disappointed the iGaming slot community.

Can Pearls of Poseidon SlotSlot trigger Big Wins?

We are not familiar with the paytable of this slot game, simply because there hasn’t been much information released on behalf of this party.

How Do You Get Free Spins on Pearls of Poseidon Slot?

Currently, the developers have not specified how one can acquire the spins, but the free spins bonus is present as well as the re-spins feature.

Can You Play Pearls of Poseidon Slotwith Bonus Money?

We believe there shouldn’t be a problem as long as the casino bonus explicitly states that the bonus money cannot be used on this game.

Why is this slot Pearls of Poseidon Slot?

This game is named after the famous Greek God of the Seas, Poseidon and the pearls obviously signifies the hidden treasures which are spread all around his underwear kingdom.

Can You Play Pearls of Poseidon Slot on Mobile?

Of course, this slot game is fully compatible with all mobile devices including HTML5 platforms.

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