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Overall Quality - 93%
Graphics & Gameplay - 92%
Current Bonuses - 90%
Overall Score - 90%

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Progressive Slot:

Slot type:

Video Slot




Five Reel Slot


Slot Layout:



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Maximum Win:


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Free Spins Feature:

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Multiplier Feature:

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Date Launched:

30 april 2021


Adventure Themed Slots



Special Symbols:






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Intro to the Spirit Twister Bingo Slot

This amazing slot game is produced by the exceptional Playtech who have long set the standard in the gambling community for top-notch slot. However, this slot game has not yet been released yet, hence meaning that there is limited information on it, but we will try and provide you with everything necessary you need to know about this exciting new slot release.


Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Online

Over the past couple of years Playtech have slowly learned how to produce top-notch slot, and now more than ever they have demonstrated their ability through this exceptional Spirit Twister Bingo Slot, that offers players with amazing features and state of the art mechanics that can only be found on worl-class slot games only supplied by this renowned game developer. In addition, this game welcomes players in a vibrant and simplistic gaming environment which is adaptable for beginners and veterans.

Currently the information regarding this new slot game is quite limited, but one thing we know for sure is that this slot holds a 5 by 5 grid, which is something unusual, but no unseen before, and many players are fond of such a design. Nevertheless, when it comes to the other exclusive features of the game, such as wilds, scatters and bonus symbols, no official information has been released to the public.  Additionally, the game developers have not confirmed what the minimum and maximum betting ranges of this game will be, therefore we cannot conclusively say whether or not the game will be suitable for all types of players. However, one important feature of the slot we have identified is its mobile compatibility, the platform has been designed to fit all HTML5 platforms, hence making it possible for all mobile device users to access the slot withing seconds.


Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Return to Player – RTP – 

How does Spirit Twister Bingo Slot compare to other slot games? Click on the listed RTP percentages here to read more slot reviews from our team:


As of this moment, we cannot precisely state what RTP percentage this game holds, so we can only speculate.


Gallery and Shots of Main Slot Features


Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Review

Over the past couple of years Playtech Games have furthermore established themselves as one of the industry’s leading slot developers, and that is in large because of their previously released slot games. Such games include the likes of Buffalo Blitz, Epic Ape, and Age of the Gods, all of which were adored by slot fans around the globe. What these games exemplified is the talent of the producers behing this game developer to deliver exciting slots, with brilliant features, and prizes in order to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

It is highly likely that players who have previously had an encounter with Playtech slots will expect this slot to be a total success story, and we don´t blame them. When looking back at all of the magnificent slot games produced by this slot developer, we can see that they have lifted the bar higher with every new release, making it harder on themselves but better for the players. With regard to the game, it will feature a 5 by 5 grid, and that is all we know, but we have no doubt that it will also have a variety of amazing scatter and wild features to bring to the table.


Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Paytable

In order to have at least a remote idea of what the paytable will look like at this online casino, one must be at least a little familiar with the paylines provided and features. However, at the moment Playtech are reluctant to release any important information with regard to this game, therefore we cannot even assume what the paytable is going to look like. Nevertheless, this can also be looked at as a big surprise which players will have to look forward to.


Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Symbols Explained

We suppose that the symbols included in this game are quite similar to most normal slot games that you might have come across. The game includes the classic low paying symbols include the classic card symbols of A, K, Q, J, and 10. Furthermore, the high-paying symbols players can expect to see scatter and wilds symbols.


How To Play the Spirit Twister Bingo Slot

If you have ever played any slot game previously, then this one will not pose any difficulty for you, as it is having a fairly simple 5 by 5 design which is by today´s standards a traditional grid. In essence, what we are counting on is that despite the uncertainties of the information regarding this slot game, Playtech will be able to deliver a worthy slot game similar to their prior releases.

Moreover, it must be mentioned that this game is set to have amazing graphics for those who are fans of the visuals, of video slots such as this one. However, as of this moment, we do not know what the grid will exactly look like, but based on the other Playtech slot we assume that there will be an are where you can adjust your bets up to the set limits. Additionally, the game is set to include lots of bonus features which will pop up on the screen when activated, and most importantly, the game is compatible with mobiles, so you can play it from your phone as well.


Spirit Twister Bingo Slot One-Line Betting Strategy

When it comes down to slot games there is no exact betting strategy that we can advise players to use, especially when it comes down to a slot game such as this one as there is yet so much information, we are not aware of. Nevertheless, slots are a gambling activity and there is no guaranteed tactic which will yield successful results, so we advise players to be cautious before implementing their own tactics.


Does Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Work on Mobile?

Every single slot game developed by this renowned software developer is always made fully compatible with all HTML5 platforms, hence making the games perfectly suitable to be accessed from any iOS and Android mobile device.


Try the Free Play Mode

At the moment we are not completely sure on whether or not this slot game provides its players with a demo version, but we can only hope so. A demo would be perfect allowing players to explore all of the amazing features and graphics the slot has to offer, without them risking their own funds in the process.


How To Win at Spirit Twister Bingo Slot

Winning at any slot game can be more complex than you think, unfortunately at the moment we cannot tell to our readers that we know how you do so on this slot game. This is due to the fact that Playtech have released practically no information regarding this game whatsoever. Nevertheless, we know one significant thing about the game and that is that it will consist of a 5 by 5 grid, which most gamblers are used to, therefore making it a straightforward playground for all slot enthusiasts.

If you happen to be an experienced player looking for a new quest, then we believe that this slot game will be a perfect suit, but the game is also set to conquer the hearts of the beginner slot players. Overall, from the reviews and praise by the developers at Playtech we get the feeling that the game will be stacked with features enabling slot players to reach new heights and prizes.


Bonus Features and Free Spins

One thing that we are not sure of, but know will happen is that Spirit Twister Bingo Slot will most likely include a variety of bonuses in the forms of free spins, re-spins and multipliers, but at the moment we do not know how players will be able to activate the features.  We are aware that not having the necessary information regarding a game you are excited about can be quite frustrating, but think of it as a long-awaited gift.

In question to the simpler features such as the spins and multipliers, we think that they will be identical to their other slot games. Experienced slot players who have played other Playtech releases before will know exactly how these features operate, and if you want to get yourself familiar with their slot games, try out one of their classics like Better Wilds, and Age of the God Slot.


Spirit Twister Bingo Slot Volatility

As mentioned, as of this moment, we do not know what the exact RTP percentage of this game will be, but we assume it will be around the 96% margin. What this means is that like most new slot releases, it will initially have a medium-high volatility.


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Our Conclusion on this Slot Review

At the moment, there are plenty of unique slots you can get your hands on, but there is something very promising about Spirit Twister Bingo Slot. One of the main advantages of this slot game is, because it is a Playtech production and based on their previous slots we are in for something incredible. However, at the moment, there is a big disadvantage holding this game down, and that is the lack of information released by the developers about it, as this keeps players in the dark.

Additionally, we know that this slot game will hold a unique 5 by 5 design which most players will easily adapt themselves to, in addition to a playful and vibrant design player will get the most out of their slot experience with this game. Based on the prior Playtech slot games we can definitely say that this one will be no disappointment, and players will be able to access it from the comfort of their mobile device as well.


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Why is the Spirit Twister Bingo Slot So Popular?

Currently, the game is not popular, but is becoming so due to the expectations builduing up upon its release.

Can Spirit Twister Bingo SlotSlotTrigger Big Wins?

At the moment, Playtech have not released any information regarding how much earnings one can generate through this game.

How Do You Get Free Spins on Spirit Twister Bingo Slot?

From what we have seen, all Playtech slot games can be played with bonus money accumulated from deals and bonus offers.

Can You Play Spirit Twister Bingo Slot With Bonus Money?

The slot gets its name from the classic bingo game, as it incorporates a similar thematic in its grid and design.

Can You Play Spirit Twister Bingo Slot on Mobile?
Yes, Spirit Twister Bingo Slot is available for all devices.
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