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Overall Quality - 95%
Graphics & Gameplay - 95%
Current Bonuses - 93%
Overall Score - 96%

Let The Sword & The Magic Slot mentally send you to a more thrilling world of online gambling!




Return to Player:

96.50 %



Progressive Slot:

Slot type:

Video Slot




Five Reel Slot



Slot Layout:



Minimum Bet:


Maximum Bet:


Maximum Win:


Gamble Round Feature:

Free Spins Feature:

Auto Play Feature:

Multiplier Feature:

Bonus Buy Feature:



Date Launched:

31 june 2021


Magic Themed Slots



Special Symbols:


Wild Multipliers


Wild Scatters




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Massive bonuses and a lot of free spins
High volatility with 96.50% return to player

Intro to the The Sword and the Magic Slot

The Sword & The Magic Slot is a fantastic slot game that comes to surprise you in many ways that we are now going to uncover to you! This slot is about to change the way you perceive slot games in general due to its thrilling gameplay that you simply can’t compare to anything before! Prepare yourself for stunning adventures that will lead you to many winning opportunities – we are sure to say that your bank account will be more than pleased by this slot game as well! In this article, you are about to learn a lot about the features, bonuses, free spins, playing technics and many more helpful pieces of information about this slot so let’s get started!


The Sword and the Magic Slot Online

The online iGaming market needed a slot like this one for a long time and here it is now – better than ever! Since the online casinos are a total hit and are loved by the majority of the players, so are the table games and slot games that you can find in basically every online casino. The Sword & The Magic Slot is the best place for you to relieve the stress from the surrounding world and just dive into the deep world of online gambling! The best part is that you are absolutely able to do this without having the need to go out of the comfort of your own house or even better – anywhere outside since the slot is fully mobile compatible! The visual design of the slot really is outstanding and remarkable!


The Sword and the Magic Slot Return to Player – RTP – 96.57 %

If you are interested in learning is this slot game comparable to other popular slots, then you can easily do this by checking its Return to Player percentage!


In this case, the return to player in The Sword & The Magic Slot equals 96,50% which is just above the average – again great!


Gallery and Shots of Main Slot Features

The Sword and the Magic Slot Review

Talking about The Sword & The Magic Slot, we can honestly say that this is a slot that has a lot to offer to you! Let’s begin with the fact that it is provided by one of the world’s best software developers called Future Gaming Solutions which alone tells a lot. The quality of its features is unquestionable – bonuses and special promotions are coming along with it but for more detailed information on that keep reading until the end! The fun with The Sword & The Magic Slot is guaranteed as you will be introduced to an entirely new world that as we mentioned is full of winning opportunities! The theme of the slot is related to magic, mystery and the unknown which definitely will excite your mind and rise up your heart beat!


The Sword and the Magic Slot Paytable

In general, paytables can be a little but hard to understand especially if you are a new beginner in the world of online gambling. But don’t worry, our team at got your back! We are now going to explain to you the paytable of The Sword & The Magic Slot so that way you can confidently enter the game! Being well informed about a certain game that you play means that you are now one step closer to winning! Simply explained, in this slot winnings are credited from left to right on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost reel. Also, all wins are multiplied by bet per line and only the highest win is paid per line.


The Sword and the Magic Slot Symbols Explained

When it comes to symbols, there is a lot for explaining in The Sword & The Magic Slot but no worries – we will tell you all about them! We are going to talk you through the main symbols of the slot so that way you get a basic idea on what tools you can use while playing! Starting off, there is a BONUS Symbol that appears on all reels of the game. On the other hand, the WILD Symbol substitutes all the other symbols, except the Bonus one. To make it more clear, during the base game on the 10th spin, all the collected Wild symbols return to the reels in random positions according to the result of the spin!


How To Play The Sword and the Magic Slot

Heading to the part where you go and actually play the real game slot can be a little bit frustrating for some players, especially new gamblers. But put your smile on because we have great news for you! You can go and confidently hit the play button but first of all read the important information that we are now going to share with you! Simply explained, the way you play The Sword & The Magic Slot goes like this – there are 5 reels, 4 rows and wild substitutions. Keep in mind that this is a 75-line video slot with a progressive function and availability for a lot of free spins! You play this slot game with 75 bet lines which are fixed, different coin values and of course different bet levels!


The Sword and the Magic Slot One-Line Betting Strategy

We at always make sure to supply you with the best possible tips and tricks on how to build a strong and smart strategy for playing! Having a successful experience in online gambling can be a pretty hart task but not when you have educated yourself on important gambling related topics before actually playing! To have a good betting strategy is key to winning big so now we are going to share with you our secret – One-Line Betting strategy! You can easily use this strategy by betting on one line of the slot until you hit a winning combination – it is said and proven that it works! However, you have to know that there is no guarantee that you will never have loses as at the end it all depends on your luck!


Our 100 Spins Challenge on The Sword and the Magic Slot

As we have told you many times, our team at always ensures your greatest convenience and seeing you win is our top priority! That is why we have decided to always do the hard work by double-checking, testing and ensuring the highest quality of the final gaming products that we provide you with! Following that thought, we always do our 100 free spins challenge where we gamble on 100 free spins to see if the game’s features actually work and the gameplay is all fair and safe! You can watch how we gamble on 100 free spins on The Sword & The Magic Slot down below!


The Sword and the Magic Slot Work on Mobile?

Taking into account that we live in a digital era, it would be such a pity if a slot game great like this didn’t work on mobile. Fortunately, The Sword & The Magic Slot is absolutely compatible with all devices, including mobile phones! This gives you an incredible freedom as you can play it whenever you decide, wherever you want!


Try the Free Play Mode

There is no better choice than to play the demo free version of the game before actually playing the real one! This rule applies to all of the games, including The Sword & The Magic meaning you can totally take advantage and play the demo version! This gives you the ability to gain experience, learn more about the game’s technics and improve your gaming skills without having the need to risk your own money!


How To Win at The Sword and the Magic Slot

As we already mentioned, it is our team’s at biggest priority to see you win and take advantage of all of the winning opportunities that come your way! Because of that we supply you with high quality table games and slot games which features guarantee you a great gaming experience! Keep in mind that there is no certain and sure way that you will 100% win all the time while playing but there’s definitely a lot you can do to improve the numbers and to rise them up! It is extremely important to be correctly informed and to have taken time to learn and educate yourself on topic related to the game that you’ve chosen! The right information can lead even the new beginner to success! Other than that, playing the free demo version will help you a lot too because as we already said – it has a lot of benefits!


Bonus Features and Free Spins

There is definitely a lot to be said when we talk about bonuses and free spins at The Sword and The Magic Slot! From a first glance you can make the conclusion that this is a very generous slot game that has a lot of special advantages to offer you! You will surely be showered with a lot of surprising promotions through the whole process of gaming so let’s take a look at some of the main ones!

Firstly, you should look carefully for Bonus and Wild symbols while playing as they will lead you to success! Meaning, three or more Bonus Symbols in the same spin initiate Free Spins. Let us explain – at the beginning of the free spins there are different options that you can choose from according to the number of times the Bonus Symbol has appeared. For example, you can choose from one of the following – 3, 4 or 5 Bonus Symbols Awards that contain a different amount of free spins and bonus Wild Symbols! More exclusive bonus and free spins promotion offers are waiting for you to discover them when you actually start playing!


The Sword and the The Sword and the Magic Volatility

The volatility of The Sword & The Magic Slot can be rated as medium-to-high as the RTP is 96,50% which is great for both small stakes and high rollers!


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Our Conclusion on this Slot Review

In conclusion to the review of The Sword & The Magic Slot, we can confidently say that this slot will surprise many of you very soon! Starting features, generous bonus and promotion campaign that includes many free spins are all reasons that make us think that way. The theme of this slot is absolutely stunning as well, featuring some great details and an outstanding idea behind it giving it an authentic feeling. In general, we can surely say that this is a very beneficial slot to players and you can easily play it and take advantage of the big amount of winning opportunities that it provides you with! Future Gaming Solutions has definitely done a great job with this slot as it is a top class gaming product!



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Is there a winning strategy in Codex of Fortune?

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Can I play it on my mobile?

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