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Frank Casino Cloud Nine Tournament

Turn Yourself Into A Winner With Frank Casino Cloud Nine Tournament

Would you take the opportunity to cash in on a big win without having to deposit your savings? If you have ever signed up for an online casino tournament than you know that this is completely possible. Until the 21st of May, our favorite Frank Casino hosts an exciting casino competition under the name Cloud Nine. Make your week a cloud nine kinda week by enrolling in the tournaments. All necessary information about the number of rounds, the minimal bet amount and the tournament's prize pool can be found on the Cloud Nine page description page.

Cloud Nine Competition 

Frank Casino invites you to participate in its latest online casino tournament, Cloud Nine competition. This is an exciting opportunity for those who want to spice up their lives and let off the steam at the same time. In order to win the tournaments, you will need to comply with some straightforward rules. First and foremost, you will need to be an active member at Frank Casino. Becoming a member of Frank Casino will guarantee you the right to participate in many thrilling casino competitions and make use of the latest video slots in the iGaming Industry. What is more, the Cloud Nine competition consists of 5,000 tournament rounds. Players that score the more winning rounds than everybody else, will win the whole tournament. A win, itself, means a game round, where the amount of winnings is bigger than the amount of a bet. In other words, your main objective is to score the highest number of tournament points. You can do so by playing some of the qualifying slots. These include stunning titles such as Sakura Fortune, Eastern Emeralds, and Blaze of Ra. Rest assured that this list is not conclusive, meaning that there are more video slos counting towards the promotional campaign at Frank Casino. Below you can see a full breakdown of the possible ways for you to gain points.

  • 1 tournament point is accrued for each winning round

  • 5 tournament points are accrued additionally for 3 winning rounds in a row

  • 25 tournaments points are accrued additionally for a winning round, where the win is 15 times bigger than the bet

  • 100 tournament points are accrued additionally for a winning round, where the win is 30 times bigger than the bet

Prize Pool of The Frank Casino Raffle 

Natural selection built a brain that rewards you with a good feeling when you come out on top. So, if you want to exude an air of elation and thereby pull ahead of the competiion,  you should better find the most comfortable place at your home and start spinning. The Cloud Nine competition features a massive prize pool comprising of 100,000 EUR + 15,000 FR + 500 Free Spins. Make sure you rank within the best 50 performers and you will walk away with a share of the prize pool. Below you can familiarize yourself with the potential prizes you might happen to win. 

  • 1st Place- 50,000 EUR

  • 2nd Place- 30,000 EUR

  • 3rd Place- 10,000 EUR

  • 4th Place- 5,000 EUR

  • 5th Place- 3,000 EUR

  • 6th Place- 550 EUR

  • 7th Place- 450 EUR

  • 8th Place- 400 EUR

  • 9th Place- 350 EUR

  • 10th Place- 250 EUR

  • 11th- 20th Place- 1,000 FR

  • 21st- 30th Place- 500 FR

  • 31st- 40th Place- 30 Free Spins

  • 41st- 50th Place- 20 Free Spins

Should you happen to secure a winning position, your prize will be credited right after the end of the tournament and converted into your account currency at the current rate. The prizes will be available for activation within 48 hours from the moment of their receipt. Likewise, keep in mind that all prizes are subject to an x20 wagering requirement that is limited to 240 hours from the moment of its activation. 

Final Considerations

There are over 2,000 excellent games with outstanding gameplay at Frank Casino. Moreover, all newcomers will receive an amazing welcome deal. The welcome bonus offers you a great way to begin your trip into the world of huge wins and thousands of exciting online games. Currently, the fmaous and respected online casino operator hosts a Cloud Nine competition which can increase your funds in less than no time. In the mood of showing your peers you online casino skills? Join the raffle and prove your worth today. Nevertheless, before doing so, we kindly advise you to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the promotional campaign as we do not want you to be disappointed. Last but certainly not least, we encourage you to play responsibly and we wish you a bit of good luck and amazing winnings! 

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