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Bank Transfer Casinos – A List of Safe Operators

Bank Transfers are the oldest, well-known payment method available as they are a long-established option in the online gambling world. Almost all online casinos accept bank transfers as a payment method. This makes them widely spread among gamblers from various countries. Bank Transfer Casinos are a preferable choice as they are simple and straightforward to use. Their biggest advantage is that they are considered to be one of the most trustworthy payment methods which makes the players feel secure and safe while enjoying their favorite online casino games.

If you want to start playing casino games instantly, you can easily select the bank transfer option. To make sure you receive the latest and most accurate needed information for Bank Transfers as a payment method, our team at has gathered all you need to know to get you started. We have reviewed the best Bank Transfer Casinos that accept this respectful payment method, the perks, and benefits available when using Bank Transfer. Read on to learn more below!


Best Online Casinos That Accept Bank Transfer


An Introduction to Bank Transfers

Bank transfers, also known as wire transfers, cash transfers or electronic fund transfers have been in existence since the early days of banking. It is a way of transferring cash electronically from one bank account to another. All of this takes place online without you having to visit your bank branch. It's widespread among various countries and it has become one of the easiest and simple tools that customers can use to manage their funds in order to make online payments and transactions cheap and easy. 

As it is so popular and straightforward it has become a preferred method among gambling players in online casinos. It does not require the intervenience of third parties or for you to open additional payment-related accounts. Bank Transfer Casinos fit the needs of any kind of customer and are simply the easiest option to make your deposits and withdrawals. All you need to do is follow the instructions presented by your bank.


Real Money Deposits and Withdrawals with Bank Transfers

Real money deposits with Bank Transfer are pretty easy and fast, but you should remember it's not immediate. You should keep in mind you will need to wait sometime before receiving and withdrawing the money into and from your casino account. Once you have decided among the recommended Bank Transfer Casinos depending on their license and certification you should simply go to the payments page on the casino site and select the option bank transfer.

You will be taken to a page where you can select your country and bank from the given lists. After that, you need to simply log in to your online banking profile and fill in the required casino payment details. Within 3 to 5 working days, you will receive confirmation from the online casino that the funds are successfully received and with that, you are ready to start gambling at your favorite online casino.

For withdrawals via bank transfer go to the cashout page in your casino. Select the withdraw option via bank transfer and choose your bank from the follow-out list. Enter the corresponding information in the cashier section and you will receive your funds in 1 up to 5 days.

It is as simple as that and while it is a slightly slower method of dealing with your funds it provides great security and simple transaction operations.


It’s Important to use Bank Transfers because of These Advantages

• It provides greater security and safety of personal details and transactions due to multi-encryptions;
• You can benefit from large deposits and withdraw limits;
• It's a simple and straightforward method as it does not require for players to set up an additional third party account;
• Most online casinos support bank transfers as a payment method;
• The bigger amounts deposited often influence the bonuses and benefits you stand to receive as a client of a bank transfer casino.


New Casinos that Accept Bank Transfers

Our team at reviews lots of bank transfer-friendly online casinos. As we are constantly reviewing the market for the newest available online casinos we can present you with new options on a monthly basis. From brand new trustworthy operators to attractive bonuses and deals, we give the ultimate best choices.

Dozens of new gambling online casinos are fitted to accept bank transfers to enjoy traditional as well as brand-new online casino games every week. Adding a simple well-known method to make payments as easy as possible for all gambling players worldwide. As all the payments go through bank security, that alone tells you everything you need to know that it's safe to make deposits and withdrawals.


Live Casinos that Accept Bank Transfers

Live Casinos are an extremely popular choice with a sense of interesting and entertaining environment. As they present a live dealer in the game sharing the gambling experience with the player and creating a realistic and life-like atmosphere. For that reason, they gained a lot of popularity amongst players.

Fortunately, an online live casino with bank transfer is pretty common and can be found in any country. The depositing procedure is the same within all live casinos which makes it easy for the players as they don't have to do anything specific or special.

Bank Transfers are ideal payment method for every live casino because they are extremely easy to use and highly secure. Just follow our recommendations and the same standard procedure and you'll have no problems – you will be able to deposit in any live casino using a bank transfer in no time. 


Mobile Casinos that Accept Bank Transfer

 Mobile casinos become a necessity in the online gambling world as many players require to have the availability to access the online world of a casino on the go. Online Casino providers have started optimizing their platforms for mobile devices, making sure your user experience is intact!

Bank Transfer Casinos can be easily accessed via the browser from virtually every handheld device. You can still make your deposits and withdraws with bank transfers completely from your phone which makes it more accessible, effortless and simple. You would use the mobile online casino the same way as you would on your PC but with the option to access it on the go, at any place.

What we would advise you is to be aware of your surroundings and be cautious as using casinos on your mobile might draw unwanted attention – people might peep over your shoulder. Secondly, make sure your 4G connection is turned on to be able to enjoy the mobile casinos to the fullest.


Bank Transfer Casinos in the US and Other Countries

Online casinos that accept Bank Transfers are widely spread across the gambling world. Almost every online casino is presented with such an option and the list of countries available is usually of great length.

As long as a casino is regulated and licensed, most banks do not have a problem accepting transactions from those online casinos. Which makes it easy for you to make your bank transfers from anywhere in the world as well as the UK and other non-European countries.

The UK has been tough on gambling in the past and it even now has a complex overview when it comes to online gambling. Laws and regulations are changing constantly. That is what makes players question the legality of online gaming in the US.

The US states do not have any laws which make it illegal to play or deposit and withdraw from online casinos. You can enjoy playing and having fun at your favorite online casinos without any worries, as well as making bank transfers from anywhere in the world.


Bank Transfer Casino Bonuses

You will find a great assortment of Bank Transfer Casino Bonuses at every casino operator we have recommended. Being a common payment method in most online casino platforms, using it will profit you in many ways.

We at have provided a dedicated section about the best casino bonuses . We have created it especially for all our dedicated and newsreaders that look for ideal entertainment online casinos. There are a lot of treats and perks that you can take advantage of when using bank transfers as a deposit method in online gambling venues. Let's have a look at some of the greatest advantages you'll be provided with:

• Firstly, our special segment of readers is given the special opportunity of gaining exclusive casino bonuses – with a unique set of offers and promotions available in any Bank Transfer Casino, as you won't be able to benefit from them anywhere else;
• If you are looking to play a long time and place bigger bets our 200% Casino Deposit Bonus section is your best choice, as they give you a greater balance;
• As a great perk of being a high-roller, you receive the chance to be apart of the Casino VIP Programs – where you will receive personalized bonus deals, access to exclusive games and unique titles ;
• To make you feel like a special part of the online gambling community and to create a sense of belonging we present you with awesome Casino Birthday Bonuses . They are a great way to receive a personal gift on your special day and be congratulated and cherished.


Bank Transfer Fees and Charges with Online Casinos

Bank transfers as a service may attract large transactional fees depending on your location and bank of choice which is an essential problem for most players. In some banks, the fee may be fixed while at others it may be a percentage of the sum. For this reason, you need to contact your bank provider to receive accurate information on what the fee is in your particular bank, as it is strictly individual.

However, to avoid massive overcharging, transfers within the EU cost the same amount as domestic payments, while bank transfers outside of the EU and in the US may be charged at higher rates. In that case, it's good to contact your bank for more information about any additional charges. Typically, this method is a top choice among players as it allows for a large amount of money to be deposited or withdrawn with a single transaction.


Bank Transfer Deposit and Withdrawal times at Online Casinos

Bank Transfer as a payment method on casino platforms can be very time – consuming. Deposit processing time at online casinos usually takes within 3 to 5 days and in some cases, there might be a greater delay.

Until the funds are received on the other end at your online casino account you won't be able to play with real money. Usually, when the funds have been confirmed and loaded into your account, you receive a notification, mainly by email.

You will know as soon your account is ready for your next gaming session. The same thing happens when it comes to bank withdrawals, as the waiting time is between 3 – 5 days for receiving the funds.



Some Important Questions and Answers about Bank Transfer Casinos 

? What is the minimum amount accepted for deposits at Bank Transfer Casinos?

Typically, the minimum accepted deposit amount can begin at $10 at most licensed and certified Bank Transfer Casinos. But due to fixed commissions charged by banks, you should consider deposing higher sums.

? How fast is a deposit at the Bank Transfer Casinos?

Bank Transfers are a time-consuming process as all deposits and withdraws take between 3-5 days to arrive on the recipient end.

? How safe are transactions at Bank Transfer Casinos?

Bank Transfer casinos are a well-known method of greater security as they follow bank policies and security measurements.

? Are there any fees on Bank Transfer payments?

Fees charged on bank transfer depend on the particular bank used and it's current policies, the location of the bank, as well as the policy of the used online casino.

? I Want to Use Something Else, not Bank Transfers

As there are many other available payment methods such as MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, and many others; you can choose the one that suits your preference and needs the most. If you select Bank Transfer as a payment method you can change it at any time with another payment processor.

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