Wild Luchador Slot

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Take centre stage in Quickspin‘s Mexican fiesta of a slot, Wild Luchador.

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Overall Quality - 93%
Graphics & Gameplay - 92%
Current Bonuses - 90%
Overall Score - 90%

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Return to Player:

96 %



Progressive Slot:

Slot type:

Video Slot





Slot Layout:



Minimum Bet:


Maximum Bet:


Maximum Win:


Gamble Round Feature:

Free Spins Feature:

Auto Play Feature:

Multiplier Feature:

Bonus Buy Feature:



Date Launched:

15 april 2021






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Average RTP of 96.00% No Jackpot included
Maximum win of up to 40,500x max bet Another Super Hero Theme
Wilds and Free Spins

Intro to the Wild Luchador Slot

Wild Luchador is yet again another brilliant slot release on behalf of Quickspin, the game is based on a professional wrestling theme filled with big masked men with faces of typical Mexican depicted characters from their popular holiday Day of the Dead. Similar to many other slot games produced by this exceptional developer, this one holds a variety of bonuses and features that contribute to a great gaming experience.


Wild Luchador Slot Online

Luchador in Mexican stands for fighter and Lucha Libre literally translates into a free fight, and the emphasis of this unbelievable slot game is on fighting, players need to earn their respect and prizes. The design and graphics of this Mexican inspired slot are truly a work of art, with stunning visuals that will make even the most experienced slot players’ blush. 

The game incorporates the dangers of Lucha Libre along with the entertainment aspect, but of course no real fighting goes on, except the battle of slot enthusiasts to reach the biggest prize. With a variety of generous bonus features and a paytable that woul attract any slot player, this game truly standouts from the rest on the market. More importantly, this game allows for low stakes and high stakes making it perfect for all types of players.


Wild Luchador Slot Return to Player – RTP – 96%

How does Wild Luchador compare to other slot games? Click on the listed RTP percentages here to read more slot reviews from our team:


The RTP shows how much a slot gives back to the players, and at the moment this game holds a standard RTP percentage of 96% which is the most common one amongst all slot games on the iGaming market.


Gallery and Shots of Main Slot Features


What are Multiline Slots?

In the online gambling community mulitlines are also known as slot games which provide players with multiple winning opportunities through multiple paylines. 


Wild Luchador Slot Review

This particular Quickspin game has a lot to show, with a standard 5 by 3 grid which most experienced slot players are familiar with, the slot will definitely captivate the hearts of slot enthusiasts from all over the globe. Moreover, at this slot game you will find that there are various bonus features, scatters, wilds and free spins bonuses that will help you amass a plethora of winning chances. Another great thing about this game, is that players can place stakes ranging from as little as 0.30 up to as much as $90, this makes it ideal for newcomers and veterans alike.

Furthermore, the graphics of this slot game are a true masterpiece, as you can expect from a brand-new slot game brought by such a top-rated game developer. Additionally, the game itself has some unique traditional Mexican symbols that include real figures from the Day of the Dead combined with wrestling gear. The thematic of the game is set within the deep culture of Mexican society, hence why you can expect to see a lot of exciting features that can help you win as much as 40,000 times your stake. Nonetheless, the game offers more than 243 paylines through which you can trigger massive winning opportunities. In general, this fantastic release by Quickspin will easily grab players attention, because of the innovative features, and amazingly compatible mobile version, not to mention the free demo for inexperienced players.


Wild Luchador Paytable

As previously stated, players can accumulate a lot of earnings and win some hefty cash prize whilst playing Wild Luchador, similar to the lucrative fighting business. Currently, players can trigger wins through a whole 243 paylines, and you can win as much as 40,000 times your initial bet.


Wild Luchador Symbols Explained

Like any other slot game on this one you will also see the traditional card symbols which you have seen time and time before playing other games. With all honesty there have been Mexican themed slot games, but not quite like this one as all of the A, K, Q, J, 10 card symbols are present in a pattern that fits the style wrestling theme of the game. In addition, amongst the more high-paying unusual symbols you will see the wrestlers dressed up in classic Dia de los Muertos costumers, as well as the traditional mariachi bands.


How To Play the Wild Luchador

This fantastic Wild Luchador slot game has been produced in such a manner as to suit the needs and wants of all types of slot players, that numbers include the beginners and the professionals. This is a brand-new release from Quickspin, so they have included all the extras you need in order to succeed, that includes adjustable paylins and automatic beltlines. The layout is simple, players are provided with 5 reels, 3 rows and a big potential to trigger a variety of winning opportunities.

Furthermore, there a huge range of features, including stacks, wilds and multipliers that give you the chance of raising your winnings, alongside you through the journey you are accompanied by the Pharaohs who shows you the keys to master the playstyle of this slot.

In order to receive a big payout, make the combinations from wilds and regular icons on the grid, but the ones which trigger the massive payouts are the scatters as they can activate Free Spins and multipliers. An amazing thing about this slot is that players can receive massive earnings, but doing so whilst betting smallers stakes, you can start with $0.30 and end up winning 40,000 times that.


Wild Luchador Slot Betting Strategy

It is important for players to have prepared a plan of action, but that is not always the case, some come unprepared and others are new to slot games. It’s normal to have a certain tactci when playing slots, but do not forget that this is a gambling game after all and nothing is guaranteed.


The Extra Spins Bonus

The Dead Slam Free Spins are triggered by the Death Clock scatter icon, these can land anywhere on the screen and depending on whether they are 3, 4 or 5 awarding a total of 7 spins plus a multiplier of 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier. It must be noted that the multiplier remains the same throughout the duration of the spins.


Does Wild Luchador Work on Mobile?

All of the slot games designed by this notable game developer which you may find on the iGaming market are made fully accessible from all mobile devices, and this one is no exception. Luchador Wilds is compatible with all HTML5 platforms, meaning that players can access the game from any iOS or Android device.


Try the Free Play Mode

Luckily for the less experienced at the moment, players can enjoy playing this fantastic game without having to risk their own money, and that is made possible, because of the great work of the professionals at Quickspin. The developers have included a free demo version for everyone who wishes to try this game out and give it a go.


How To Win at Wild Luchador Slot

The Luchador Wilds the only feature in the entire gameplay which can do all the required work of the activating symbols like the wilds. Players can activate the combinations, alternate with the lower value symbol to convert them into the paid ones. Free spins and multipliers can be obtained when the Death Clock symbols lands on the screen, but you must know all the work of these functions. Online Betting to play the casino slot would be easy if you complete all the requirements.

Additionally, this slot game consists of 5 reels, and 243 paylines which allow players to reach a variety of winning opportunities, leading to cash rewards and prizes. Overall, the game is set to include wild features that will allow you to unlock many other rewards.


Bonus Features and Free Spins

The amazing thing about this 5 by 3 masterpiece is that it offers a huge variety of different features that players can take advantage of. Such features include a wide range of scatter symbols, wilds and multipliers which players can activate, and these usually result in big winning opportunities.

One of the most adored features of any slot game is the Free Spins bonus, and at this slot the Free Spins are activate once you land 3 or more Death Clock Symbols on the screen. Players receive a total of 7 free spins, but depending on the number of scatters that land on the grid, you can use a 2x, 3x, or even 5x multiplier to increase your earnings.

Another gret features players at Wild Luchador can make use of is the Luchador Wilds which allow you to modify the reels, and are activate randomly. As they land you will see how full reels of wilds will cover your screen, and you can lock your fingers for a big prize.


Wild Luchador Slot Volatility

In comparison to the game’s modest RTP percentage of 96% the volatility of this slot scores a total 4.5 out of 5. Therefore, we advise players not to underestimate how volatile this game is as it does posses a high volatility rate, so gamble with caution.


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Our Conclusion on this Slot Review

Consisting of 5 reels and 3 rows, the set up of this slot game is straightforward and traditional as experienced slot players will be well prepared to play such a game. At the moment, this game lets players bet from small range starting off at 0.20 up to as much as $200, therefore the game is suitable for all types of players. Additionally, this game comes with a wide range of free spins, bonus features, sticky wilds, scatter symbols, Luchador Wilds and many others that can bring players a huge variety of wining chances.

Moreover, at this slot game players can win some hefty sums, there are over 243 pay lines which allow players to win as much as 40,000 times their initial stake, not only that but the additional bonuses can help you even more. Overall, it is safe to say that this game boasts some incredible graphics which will amaze even the most experienced slot player, and at the moment slot enthusiasts will be able to play this game from their mobile device, as the platform is fully compatible with all smartphones.

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Why is the Wild Luchador Slot So Popular?

This game is becoming more and more popular by the day, due to its Mexican thematic and engaging platform.

Can Wild Luchador SlotSlotTrigger Big Wins?

Players can win 40,000 times their initial bet.

How Do You Get Free Spins on Wild Luchador?

The free spins bonus is activated when all 5 reels have been turned wild at least once via the Beat Box feature, you trigger the bonus round. You get 10 free spins with at least 1 guaranteed wild reel on each spin.

Can You Play Wild Luchador With Bonus Money?

The Dead Slam Free Spins are triggered by the Death Clock scatter icon, these can land anywhere on the screen and depending on whether they are 3, 4 or 5 awarding a total of 7 spins plus a multiplier of 2x, 3x, or 5x multiplier.

Can You Play Wild Luchador on Mobile?
Yes, Wild Luchador is available for all devices.
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